Moldova eVisa for citizens of Gambia

Moldova eVisa for citizens of Gambia

iVisa | Updated on May 08, 2022

Prior to an international trip, the first thing to do is to confirm if your country of origin requires a visa to enter a territory. Moldova has an exemption for more than 100 countries but the other non included must apply for an electronic one.

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The process is one hundred per cent virtual with ongoing assistance. Visit the section below with frequent questions of other people interested in getting the Moldova e-Visa.

Travel Restrictions FAQ

1. Vaccination required to enter the country?

If you enter Moldova, you must have been vaccinated beforehand, with a timelapse of 14 days since the last dose was applied.

2. PCR Test required to enter the country?

The test is ordered by the local authorities on arrival and must be taken 72 hours before the flight. Please be attentive on the other tests required:

  • Quick Antigen taken 48 hours before the flight.
  • The COVID-19 antibodies, also known as the serology test with 90 days of validation, starting to count from the day you were tested.

3. Quarantine required upon arrival to the country?

Quarantine upon arrival and for 14 days with no exceptions including the Moldova e-Visa holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $product and how do I apply for it?

It is up to you, you are in charge of the pricing, depending on the rapidity of the processing.

On the other hand, in order to apply you should consider:

  • Valid passport: must have 3 months left of validation since the arrival. Separate one page for the country stamps and get a scan of your personal information page.
  • Recent photo according to the passport guidelines.
  • Hotel booking voucher.
  • Return ticket to Gambia.
  • Bank statements.
  • Travel medical insurance.
  • Email address: The Moldova e-Visa PDF file, will arrive at this email. Do not forget to print before and present on arrival.
  • Payment platforms: Credit and debit cards, WeChat and Alipay.

Cost/processing times

You choose the cost according to the rush you need. All of the prices include the service fees.

  • Standard: Wait 16 days and pay USD 111.99.
  • Rush: Wait 13 days and pay USD 151.99.
  • Super Rush: Wait 11 days and pay USD 208.99.

How many times can I enter Moldova with an e-Visa?

The Moldova e-Visagrants a Single Entry.

Which is the expiration date of the Moldova e-Visa?

The visa terminates in 90 days after arrival.

How long can I stay in Moldova with an e-Visa?

You can enjoy Moldova for 90 days Per Entry.

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Because the process of getting a Moldova e-Visa is clear and straightforward, and does not need intermediaries. You can do it just by yourself with the on and on assistance of the platform. You will avoid lines in embassies and complex paperwork.

Where can I find more information?

Navigate through the and get personalized results for your desired search criterias. You can also contact our 24/7 service agents. Recommends

Moldova is the least visited country in Europe, but it does not mean it is a boring place to be, on the contrary, it is a hidden gem between Ukraine and Romania. With the Moldova e-Visa you will have the option to be a Moldovan ambassador back home, by storytelling the most amazing experiences while visiting its notable constructions, including the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova in Chişinău, a concrete-made colosso from the Communist-era. You can also go to see the St. Theodor Tiron Convent, a blue and white monastery with bright golden domos.

Another landmark is the National Gagauz History and Ethnographic Museum in Beshalma village in the Gagauz region, a Turkish-speaking region. This yellow-colored building holds several artefacts that are part of the Gagauzian culture. You can also stop in the typical restaurant Avdarma in the village with the same name, and try the “gözleme” a goat cheese pie and other Gagauzian delicacies.

To close your stay with your Moldova e-Visa in Avdarma, you can drink fresh water and admire the surroundings of the 450-years old Nogai font, and visit nearby the 220 years old Pear Tree which symbolizes the determination of the Gagauzian people.

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