Moldova eVisa for Citizens of Pakistan

Moldova eVisa for Citizens of Pakistan

iVisa | Updated on May 08, 2022

Would you like to select Moldova as your next vacation or business destination? The first thing to take into account, is that Moldova exempts more than 100 countries for visa, and the other ones are must-have countries to get one.

Fill me in

The Pakistan citizens are in the second group, which do not represent any issue or problem because you can get the Moldova e-Visa practically in two weeks.

What does it take to get an electronic visa to Moldova? Well, visit the frequently asked questions selection.

Travel Restrictions FAQ

1. Vaccination required to enter the country?

It does not matter if you hold a Moldova e-Visa, the Moldovan authorities decreed for pandemic purposes, the presentation in the airport of the vaccination certificate against COVID-19. Pointing out that the application of the last dosage must be 14 days before the departure.

2. PCR Test required to enter the country?

It is compulsory for all travellers to present the PCR together with the COVID-19 antibodies and the Quick Antigen tests (both with negative results), taking into account the following information:

  • The PCR should have a negative result and 3 days before the departure.
  • The COVID-19 antibodies should have a valid time of 90 days from the day of test.
  • The Quick Antigen should have a negative result and 2 days before the departure.

3. Quarantine required upon arrival to the country?

During exactly two weeks, the foreign travellers should self-quarantine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $product and how do I apply for it?

The price of your Moldova e-Visa rely on the speed you want and need.

For the application, do not forget to list the next documents:

  • Invitation letter: it must be issued by an economic authority or by the Migration and Asylum Office of Moldova.
  • Valid passport: It must have a room of validation for 3 months since the arrival. Please keep one blank space for the stamps at the arrival.
  • Information page of the passport scanned.
  • Up-to-date photo.
  • Demonstration of accommodation.
  • Flight ticket back to Pakistan.
  • Bank statements.
  • Travel medical insurance proof.
  • Email address.
  • Payment methods: Credit card, debit card, Alipay and WeChat.

Cost/processing times

You will have 3 options to choose from, to have your Moldova e-Visa ready:

  • Standard: Timeframe of 16 days at the cost of USD 111.99.
  • Rush: Timeframe of 13 days at the cost of USD 151.99.
  • Super Rush: The fastest option, with a timeframe of 11 days at the cost of USD 208.99.

How many times can I enter Moldova with an e-Visa?

The entry is Single Entry, what is also called one time entry according to the Moldovan authorities for the Moldova e-Visa.

Which is the expiration date of the Moldova e-Visa?

90 days after arrival is your expiration date.

How long can I stay in Moldova with an e-Visa?

90 days Per Entry is the longest you can stay in Moldova.

Can I trust

Yes, you can trust because it is very simple, just by filling personal information, selecting the processing time and paying. And no worries if you commit a mistake, because you are accompanied throughout the process 24/7.

Where can I find more information?

Type your search criteria at and get your Moldova e-Visa with no time. Recommends

Want to learn more about the Moldovan culture and history? Then the suggestion to visit in first place is the National Archaeology & History Museum in Orheiul Vechi, which guards coins, jewelry and precious clay-made artefacts as urns, sculptures and ceramics dated from the Bronze, Neolithic, Iron ages and from the Roman,Greek and Ottoman Empires, all in its three exhibition rooms and garden.

Then if you want to delve into military history, you could visit the Army Museum in Chişinău with your Moldova e-Visa, which contains items of Soviet-era, among which are war planes, tanks, uniforms and weapons. And also the space displays several audiovisual material with testimonials of the war crimes.

Last but not least, is the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History also in the capital, containing an impressive reconstructed skeleton of an ancient mammal similar to an elephant from the Pliocene era. The museum includes in its repertory a geological collection and other ones dedicated to the fauna and flora of the country. It is open from 10 am to 6 pm from Tuesday until Sundays and its facade is a remembrance of the Moorish architecture of the Arab region.

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