Moldova eVisa for Citizens of South Africa

Moldova eVisa for Citizens of South Africa

iVisa | Updated on May 04, 2022

Moldova is an East African nation that has a lot to offer to all travelers and adventure seekers. It is the land of mountains and lakes, abundant with diverse flora and fauna that you can enjoy observing with your friends and family.

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All citizens of South Africa are now eligible for the Moldova eVisa. The new Moldova eVisa for citizens of South Africa has made traveling to this wonderland easier than before. With the help of a few supporting documents, you should be able to visit Moldova without the hassles of an Embassy visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are trying to get your own Moldova eVisa for citizens of South Africa you might have several unanswered questions. By clicking here you will be able to read some of our frequently asked questions about Moldova eVisa, curated by our team of experts.

All you have to do is fill a simple online visa application and you shall be able to begin the visa application process in just a matter of minutes.

How much will the Moldova visa cost and when can I get it?

  • Standard processing (USD 97.49 - 16 days): This is the most affordable option for most travelers. You will be able to get your visa well in time and save on your budget.
  • Rush processing (USD 156.99 - 13 days) You will have to pay slightly more than the standard option if you are in a hurry to get your Moldova eVisa.
  • Super Rush processing (USD 166.99 - 11 days): This is an incredible option for those who need the Moldova eVisa for citizens of South Africa on short notice.

To apply for the Moldova Visa for the citizens of South Africa, visit

Can I apply for the Moldova eVisa if I am from South Africa?

The Moldova eVisa is a form of electronic travel authorization. You will be able to apply for your Moldova eVisa with the help of an online application form available on Citizens of South Africa are eligible for this special form of travel authorization.

Do people with South Africa citizenship need a visa to travel to Moldova?

Moldova eVisa for citizens of South Africa is essential for all travelers visiting Moldova. You will not be able to stay in the country without a valid visa, a passport issued by South Africa, and a few other documents.

For how long will the Moldova eVisa be valid?

The Moldova eVisa for citizens of South Africa is a unique tourist visa that will enable you to stay in Moldova for a period of 90 days after arrival and allow you to stay in the country for 90 days Per Entry. You can apply for a Single Entry visa as well.

The Single Entry visa will help you stay in Moldova for a period of 90 days Per Entry.

What other papers and documentation will I need to be able to enter Moldova?

In addition to the Moldova Visa for the citizens of South Africa, you will also need to have a few other essential documents as well.

  • A valid Passport: Your passport should not have expired and should be issued via the government of South Africa.
  • Copy of information page of your passport. Your passport should be valid for 6 months after your arrival in Moldova regardless of the duration of your stay.
  • You should also have a travel itinerary.
  • Do not apply with an invalid email ID. Since the visa application is available online for the Moldova eVisa for citizens of South Africa, you will receive all your visa-related information via your email.

To know more about the Moldova Visa for the citizens of South Africa, you can click here.

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Experts at have been working hard to create the most effortless travel documentation process. You can be assured that will help you complete your Moldova eVisa for citizens of South Africa.

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You must also visit the capital city of Chisinau. When here you can visit the Army Museum of Moldova, the National Archaeology and History Museum and the National Art Museum. The Gradina Publica Stefan cel Mare Sfint and the Parcul Catedralei are exquisite parks that you can explore when visiting the capital.

Tiraspol is the second-largest city in the country and a great place to visit if you prefer the countryside. It is home to unique architectural remnants of the past. When here, you must visit the Noul Neamt Monastery, the Kvint Factory, the Tiraspol National History Museum and the Zelinsky House Museum.

You can get a wide view of the city by climbing up the bell tower of the city. Kumanyok and Cafe Larionov are great places to eat in the city. If you wish to see the natural landscapes of Moldova, there is no better place than Bendery. It is found near the Dniester River and is home to the Bendery Fortress. There are several wineries worth exploring in the Cahul region of the country. You can time your trip to Moldova with the International Folk Music Festival or the International Festival of Popular Dance that is celebrated in this region. wishes you a safe and happy trip to Moldova!

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