Moldova eVisa for Citizens of Sri Lanka

iVisa | Updated on Apr 26, 2022

If you are thinking of making a trip as a Sri Lankan citizen to Moldova, is here to help you and provide you with all the necessary information regarding the documentation you need to make your adventure possible.

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Moldova is one of the smallest countries in Europe but it is also surprising, with very interesting places to discover and a lot of history to appreciate. This European country has about 2.6 million inhabitants whose official language is Romanian, although it is very common to hear people speaking Russian, Gagauze, and Ukrainian.

So if you want to travel to Moldova as a citizen of Sri Lanka, you need to apply for the Moldova eVisa for Citizens of Sri Lanka. That’s why at we can help you complete, process, and receive your Moldova eVisa for Citizens of Sri Lanka.

Now you will get full information about how to continue. Please follow the instructions. is strongly committed to providing you with the best service and support that you need during this process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Covid restrictions to enter in Moldova?

  • Passengers must have a Covid-19 vaccination certificate showing that they were fully vaccinated at least 14 days before arrival.
  • The vaccination certificate must be written in English, French, German, Italian, Rumanian or Russian.
  • Passengers who do not have a vaccine certificate could be subject to self-isolation for 14 days.

What is a Moldova eVisa for Citizens of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka citizens can now take advantage of Moldova’s new e-Visa program. You can get your e-Visa online in a digital format that works exactly like a paper visa without having to travel to the embassy or consulate.

The Moldova e-Visa is good for up to 180 days, depending on your country of origin.

How many times can I enter Moldova with the E-Visa?

There are single, double, or multiple entry types. Single entry means you can enter the country once. Double entry means you can enter the country twice. Multiple entries means that, within the validity period of your visa, you can enter the country as many times as you need.

Your Moldova e-Visa for Citizens of Sri Lanka allows visitors from Sri Lanka Single Entry into the country. So please make sure you plan accordingly.

So how can I apply to get the Moldova eVisa for Citizens of Sri Lanka?

  • First, fill out all your details in the application form, then choose a processing time that is suitable for your travel needs.
  • Second. Make sure all the details you entered are correct, after verifying this you can pay the fees online using a debit or credit card.
  • Third. The last step is to scan and upload your passport and other documents. After that, click on the "submit" button.

Which documents are required to apply the Moldova eVisa for Citizens of Sri Lanka?

To apply for the Moldova eVisa you will need the following documents:

  • A passport that has at least 6 months of validation.
  • Your email address for you to obtain your Visa.
  • Your professional photo. professional service can help you get one.
  • Valid payment options like Debit/Credit card to pay fees.

What are the processing times and prices?

  • Standard processing time: 16 days - USD $99.99.
  • Rush processing time: 13 days - USD $131.99.
  • Super Rush processing time: 11 days - USD $168.99.

Is it secure to use to arrange my Moldova eVisa?

Yes, it is secure to use as your service provider. You can trust your data is safe with us and feel assured. You can check our reviews and get to know the quality of work we do for our customers.

I have more questions, where can I find more information?

For more information please contact our customer service team. We are available 24/7 to answer any additional questions, guidance, or queries.

We appreciate the value of choosing and that is why we want to make you feel like you are in good hands. Recommends

Moldova is an amazing country with many surprises to discover. This country has a strong soviet past that can still be experienced in some of its cities. The city of Transdniestr is one of these places, where the traditions of the soviet empire are still practiced. This city has its currency, its government, and its own military army, most of its inhabitants consider this city an independent state, which in reality it is not.

To learn more about the history and culture of Moldova, you can visit the National Archaeology & History Museum, the Army Museum, the National Art Museum, and the National Museum of Ethnography & Natural History. All these places exhibit splendid works of art that will allow you to understand much more about Moldova's past and present.

Moldova also offers interesting parks to visit where you can have a more local experience while sharing the daily doings with the residents of this country, as well as cultural, sports, and leisure activities. The best parks in the country are Parcul Catedralei and the Grădina Publică Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfînt.

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