Moldova eVisa for Citizens of Yemen

Moldova eVisa for Citizens of Yemen

iVisa | Updated on May 08, 2022

Are you interested in getting a visa for Moldova? Then you should know that there are 100 visa-exempt countries. If you are not among these ones, then you must apply for the electronic visa system. The process takes almost no effort for the applicant and everything is from the comfort of you home or office

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If you want more information about the Moldova e-Visa, please take a few minutes to read the frequently asked questions below.

Travel Restrictions FAQ

1. Vaccination required to enter the country?

Yes, all nationalities must present a vaccination certificate in physical means (English or Romanian language preferred). The second or last dose of the vaccine must have been applied 14 days before the event.

2. PCR Test required to enter the country?

If entering the country with your Moldova e-Visa, it is mandatory to present the PCR and the Quick Antigen tests (both with negative results) and the COVID-19 antibodies.

Have in mind for each one of them that:

  • The PCR should have a time window of 72 hours before the event.
  • The Quick Antigen should have a time window of 48 hours before the event.
  • The COVID-19 antibodies should have a validation time of 90 days from the testing date.

3. Quarantine required upon arrival to the country?

Quarantine upon arrival and for 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $product and how do I apply for it?

The product price depends entirely on the rate of speed you choose for processing your Moldova e-Visa.

If applying, keep in mind the following documents:

  • Invitation letter: it must be expedited by the Migration and Asylum Office of Moldova or by an economic authority.
  • Authentic passport: 3 months after the arrival, is the validation time that your document must have. Leave one page free for the stamps at the arrival.
  • Information page of the passport in digital means.
  • Up-to-date photo.
  • Demonstration of accommodation.
  • Flight ticket back home.
  • Bank statements.
  • Travel medical insurance.
  • Email address: To receive the e-Visa to print.
  • Payment systems: Credit card, debit card, Alipay and WeChat.

Cost/processing times

You will have 3 options to choose from, subject to the velocity of the Moldova e-Visa:

  • Standard: 16 days to get the electronic document for USD 90.00.
  • Rush: Waiting 13 days - USD 110.00.
  • Super Rush: The fastest one, 11 days will take you to get the visa for USD 140.00.

How many times can I enter Moldova with an e-Visa?

The entry is one time, what is also called a Single Entry, determined by the Moldovan authorities for the Moldova e-Visa.

Which is the expiration date of the Moldova e-Visa?

90 days after arrival.

How long can I stay in Moldova with an e-Visa?

90 days Per Entry.

Can I trust

Yes, you can trust because you are not alone and the forms used are easy to complete. Get the electronic visa with just a few steps: fill out the general data, then the processing time and pay, that's it. And do not worry about mistakes, the assistance is offered 24/7.

Where can I find more information?

Visit the official page and get Moldova e-Visa procedures for citizens of Yemen. Recommends

Visiting the Bendery Fortress, an Ottoman treasure in the Transnistrian region, that once served as a fight camp for Turkish and Russians in the 16th century, is a magnificent point in the checklist. From the towers you can see the views of the Dniester River and Bendery town, visit the monuments such as the Pantheon of Russian Glory and, what about to snack out in the citadel? Well, with the Moldova e-Visa you will make your dreams come true by travelling to this jewel, either with your family, friends or partner.

In case this fortress is not enough, the invitation goes to be a guest of Soroca Fortress, in the city of the same name in the northwest part of the country near to the Ukrainian border, where you can pose at the bastions of this circle-shaped stone building for the best picture of your social media stories. This place that was the main defense against the Ottomans in the 18th century, now is one of the topmost medieval buildings in the whole of Moldova to fall in love with old-fashioned architecture.

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