Moldova eVisa for the citizens of Angola

iVisa | Updated on May 08, 2022

If you want Moldova as your next vacay destination, you should consider getting a visa beforehand. About 103 countries do not require a visa to enter the Moldovan border, however, Angolan citizens must apply for one, but happily the country has an electronic visa, the Moldova e-Visa.

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Hence, rather than going to diplomatic offices, you can do all the process virtually without leaving your home with almost no effort.

Please read the frequently asked questions below for further information about the process.

Travel Restrictions FAQ

1. Vaccination required to enter the country?

Yes, the national authorities order the demonstration of a vaccine certificate against COVID-19 either in Romanian or English language. They also mandate that the last dosage must have been applied 14 days prior to the trip.

2. PCR Test required to enter the country?

To enter with your Moldova e-Visa, you must present the PCR test with a negative result, with the Quick Antigen test (also with negative result) and the COVID-19 antibodies.

For each one of them:

  • The PCR with a 72-hour window before embarkation.
  • The Quick Antigen with a 48-hour window before embarkation.
  • The COVID-19 antibodies with a valid time of 90 days from the day of testing.

3. Quarantine required upon arrival to the country?

Yes, the Moldovan authorities also order a self-isolation for 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the $product and how do I apply for it?

The speed is what determines the price of your Moldova e-Visa.

If applying, keep in mind the following documents:

  • Passport: Free stamping pages for the Moldivan migration authorities. Remember that expiry date should not be less than 3 months since the country's entrance stamp.
  • Photo: A recent photo with the sizes suggested by the visa policies.
  • Accommodation information: Hotel room booking confirmation.
  • Return ticket: As a proof you will leave Moldova as soon as your visa expires.
  • Bank statements.
  • Travel medical insurance.
  • E-mail: To get the e-Visa in PDF format.
  • Payment means: Credit card, debit card, WeChat or Alipay.

Cost/processing times

The 3 processing options including service fees for your Moldova e-Visaare:

  • Standard Processing: 16 days for a cost of USD $99.99.
  • Rush Processing: 13 days for a cost of USD $131.99.
  • Super Rush Processing: 11 days for a cost of USD $168.99.

How many times can I enter Moldova with an e-Visa?

The Moldova e-Visa permits for citizens of Angola a Single Entry.

Which is the expiration date of the Moldova e-Visa?

The expiration date is 90 days after arrival.

How long can I stay in Moldova with an e-Visa?

30 days Per Entry.

Can I trust is trustable because of:

  • Its customer-adaptable options, which allows you to pay according to your needs, and get up to date information about the visa of your preference.
  • Its simplicity in the design brings you comfort from whichever device you are using to browse.

Where can I find more information?

Browse through for further information about Moldova e-Visa procedures. Recommends

To explore the heart of Chişinău, at Parcul Catedralei, which holds an amazing architecture gem of the Orthodox Church in Eastern Europe, among which is the Nativity of Christ Metropolitan Church, a Neoclassical construction builded in the 19th century, dressed in stunning gold altar and incredible frescoes in its walls and grand domo, which is the main gathering point for the Moldovan parishioners.

If you want an opportunity to explore the uniqueness of this Eastern Europe country, your Moldova e-Visa is the key. Just picture yourself walking or picnicking in the downtown, rich in natural and historic spots. In its surroundings you can find more than 4 thousand plant species, busts of the most renamed characters of the Moldovan culture and the monument of ord Ștefan Cel Mare, the greater representative governor of the nation.

Another building to visit located in this area a few steps away from the Metropolitan Church is the Arc de Triomphe, a piece of the Moldovan history, which commemorates the victory of the Russian army over the Ottoman Empire. The monument is decorated with a large clock on its top and you can walk by.

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