Moldova eVisa for the citizens of Central African Republic

Moldova eVisa for the citizens of Central African Republic

iVisa | Updated on May 09, 2022

Did you know that as a citizen of the Central African Republic you need to apply for the Moldova eVisa? There are 103 visa-exempt nationalities that nowadays don’t need to apply for this electronic visa to enter the country of Moldova, but sadly the Central African Republic is not one of them.

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But don’t worry! You can apply to get this electronic document from the comfort of your own home thanks to It is an easy process that you can complete from any electronic device.

Moldova eVisa for citizens of Central African Republic! - Take a moment and read the FAQs down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a vaccine to travel to Moldova?

WHO suggests that all citizens of the Central African Republic must be vaccinated against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and rabies to enter Moldova. Also, travelers need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to guarantee the safety of all citizens.

Moldova eVisa for citizens of Central African Republic! - You will travel safer by being vaccinated.

Do I need a PCR Test to travel to Moldova?

Unvaccinated visitors must present at the airport counter a negative PCR COVID-19 test result taken 72 hours before departure to be allowed to travel to Moldova.

Moldova eVisa for citizens of Central African Republic! - You can present this test from any electronic device.

Do I need to quarantine upon arrival in Moldova?

Only the unvaccinated visitors must quarantine in a government-approved accommodation hotel. Moldova eVisa for citizens of Central African Republic! - Don’t forget to learn about the country’s health protocols before traveling.

What is the Moldova eVisa, and how can I apply for it?

The Moldova eVisa is an online travel document that allows travelers to enter the country without any problem. This is a Single Entry type of visa, which means that you can enter once and stay for a maximum of 90 days Per Entry.

Only follow these 3 simple steps to get your Moldova eVisa:

  • Step 1: Complete our online forms and then select the processing time according to your travel needs.
  • Step 2: Review that all the information entered is correct before choosing the payment method.
  • Step 3: Finally, submit the required documents.

Moldova eVisa for citizens of Central African Republic! - Just follow these steps and we will do the rest.

What is the cost to obtain the Moldova eVisa? has 3 alternatives you can choose from.

  • Standard Processing: 16 days - USD 90.00.
  • Rush Processing: 13 days - USD 110.00.
  • Super Rush Processing: 11 days - USD 140.00.

Moldova eVisa for citizens of Central African Republic! - has the best prices for you.

What documents do I need to upload to apply for the Moldova eVisa?

  • Passport information, with at least 6 months of validity.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • Accommodation and air ticket information.
  • Flight insurance and financial statement.
  • An e-mail address.
  • A payment method (credit or debit card).

Moldova eVisa for citizens of Central African Republic! - Apply for your Moldova eVisa with

Can be reliable?

Absolutely! We have a team that guarantees the confidentiality of your information. We have a review section where you can read feedback from former clients.

I need to talk to someone on Who can I talk to?

For any consultation about our services or, you can always contact our customer service agents. They are available at any time. Recommends

One of the main attractions of Moldova is the Orheiul Vechi, an archaeological complex located 50 kilometers north of the capital. This is an important historical and cultural site of great natural beauty.

Built near a rocky ridge above the Răut River, the complex is known for its incredible Cave Monastery, but also includes archaeological sites dating back to the early Dacian tribes, approximately 2000 years.

You can also find an orthodox church dedicated to the Ascension of St. Mary, which was built in 1905 and has been recently restored to further encourage tourism. This church was closed in 1944 by the Soviets and remained so throughout the country's communist regime.

Inside the complex, you can also visit 2 museums. One is inside the Orheiul Vechi Exhibition Center, with objects recovered during archaeological excavations, and the other is a small ethnographic museum in house no. 15.

You can also visit the remains of a 15th-century defense wall and the caves located on the other side of the valley which can be reached on foot. The whole excursion is done on foot and takes about half a day to see everything.

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