Moldova visa requirements

iVisa | Updated on Jul 03, 2022

If you have a trip to Moldova coming up, you should know that you may have to obtain a visa in advance. Of course, if you are among the 103 nationalities that are visa-exempt, you do not have to worry about this. Otherwise, you will need to go through a visa application process. However, Moldova adopted the electronic visa system in 2015, and more than 100 nationalities are eligible for a Moldova eVisa. iVisa can help you with the online application process.


To obtain a Moldova eVisa, you must first make sure that you meet the requirements. The first one on the list is eligibility. You have to find out if you qualify for a Moldova eVisa before applying. That should not be too difficult, as you can use iVisa's Visa Checker Tool, which is located on our homepage. All you have to do is choose your country of origin in the drag-down menu on the left, and then select Moldova in the menu on the right. If you qualify for a Moldova eVisa, you will be redirected to the application page.

Once your eligibility is determined, you can move on to putting together a series of required documents and information. As you will see, the list is not very long, and you likely already have some of the requirements on hand. Here is what you will need:

  • Passport - before you start the application process, you need to take a look at its expiry date. Your passport has to remain valid for another 3 months from your intended date of departure from Moldova. You should also make sure that it has at least one blank page available for the stamp.
  • Scan of the passport's information page - you will be required to upload it during the online application process.
  • Photo - the picture must be taken as recently as possible and meet all the other guidelines for a valid passport photo. For example, it needs to be taken against a white background.
  • Return flight ticket - this just goes to show that you do not intend to stay longer than your Moldova eVisa allows.
  • Proof of accommodation - you can use a hotel booking confirmation, Airbnb confirmation, or any other document that proves you have a place to stay while in Moldova.
  • Bank statement - you will need to provide proof that you have the means to support yourself while in Moldova.
  • Proof of travel medical insurance
  • E-mail address - when you apply online for a Moldova eVisa, your eVisa will arrive via e-mail in PDF format.
  • Means of payment - iVisa is pretty flexible when it comes to payment for your Moldova eVisa. You can use a credit or debit card, PayPal, Alipay, or WeChat.

Apart from the documents and information above, there is one more potential requirement, an invitation letter. This requirement does not apply to all nationalities; only the citizens of 35 countries must obtain this letter.

Once you have all of the above, there is one more requirement you have to take care of, and that is the application form. The application is filled out entirely online, and if you need any help with it, iVisa can assist you. Our customer support service is at your disposal 24/7 and free of charge.

You should find it far less demanding to gather all of the documents and information above than going to the nearest Moldovan embassy and applying for a visa there.

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