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Montenegro Visa Policy

iVisa | Updated on Aug 26, 2022

Visa Policy for Montenegro

Montenegro Visa policies are the rules and regulations that foreigners who want to visit the country need to follow to enter the country. They need a visa which is an authorized official document that will give them permission to enter, live within, and legally leave the country. A visa is mostly glued or stamped to the passport of a bearer.

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Montenegro Visa policy has been in effect for a long time now and has been followed efficiently by people all around the world. Every non-citizen of Montenegro needs to hold a visa to visit the country legally. But, this rule does not apply to the nationalist belonging to the European Union countries and various other countries like the USA, Britain, Australia, and Canada.

The requirement of a visa for visiting Montenegro may differ from person to person and nation to nation which is followed according to the Montenegro Visa Policy. Not just that, the requirements also depend on various other factors like the traveler’s stay duration and their purpose of visiting.

Montenegro Visa Policy offers several types of visa and travel authorization to the traveler who wants to visit the country of Montenegro. The travelers can gain their visas for travel and business purposes.

Visitors to Montenegro must obtain their visa from any one of the Montenegrin diplomatic missions so that they might be provided with a consular visa. According to the Montenegro VisaPolicy, travelers from almost all countries need to apply for a visa to enter Montenegro for any purpose of theirs.

Currently, there are at least 97 countries in the world that do not need to have a visa to enter the country. Such nationalists need to have a passport and can stay in Montenegro for a duration of up to 90 days without a visa.

In the next sections, you will be guided thoroughly through the Montenegro Visa Policy of the tourists and business travelers and their duration of stay in the country of Montenegro.

Visa Policy for Montenegro

For details about eVisa and VOA keep reading.

Montenegro eVisa

To receive an eVisa for the country of Montenegro, a traveler needs to fill up a form by following a few simple steps. The online form hardly takes a lot of time to be filled out. The traveler has to upload images of their passport and a fee has to be paid online in real-time. An eVisa can be filled up by both a tourist as well as a business person.

To receive their eVisa visa email, a traveler needs to provide a valid email ID in the form as this is an online document and will be mailed to the person concerned. The eVisa status should be GRANTED and only then can a person enter Montenegro.

If a person with a tourist eVisa country visits the country, he or she might stay for 90 days. If a person with business eVisa visits the country, he or she can stay for the duration that is stated in the letter by his organization.

Montenegro Visa On Arrival

The country of Montenegro provides a Visa on arrival to various countries. It may be provided to them when they arrive in the country via air or water transport.

There is a benefit for them as they are exempted from paying the online visa fees as they do not have to show any documentation. No vaccination is needed by any person of any country to visit the country.

The Montenegro Visa Policy states that the people provided with a VOA may stay in the country for about 90 days.

Tourist Visa Policy for Montenegro

Foreigners who do not belong to Montenegro and who wish to visit the country, have options for acquiring their visas and these depend on the nation that the traveler belongs to.

There are 2 different types of Montenegro visas. They are the tourist visa and the business visa. These two kinds of visas can be obtained by travelers and visitors with the help of a very simple online application which is known as the visa or the ESTA which stands for Electronic System of Travel Authorization. Citizens of around 97 countries do not require any kind of visa to enter Montenegro and they can stay for up to 90 days without a visa in the country. Nationalists belonging to various Schengen countries too do not require a visa to enter Montenegro and they can stay inside the country for up to 90 days.

Citizens of many countries are eligible for a Visa on arrival or a VOA to enter and live within the country. The countries that do not require a visa to enter Montenegro can make multiple entries to the country.

Travelers holding a tourist visa to enter Montenegro can stay in the country for up to 90 days and the travelers who hold a business visa need to contact their institute or organization so that they can provide a letter for the travelers which mentions the traveler’s reason for visiting the country and their duration of stay. The duration of stay can be increased or decreased in the country. For that, the travelers need to apply for an extension of stay before the duration of their stay expires.

The Montenegro Visa Policy states that to apply for a visa to enter the country of Montenegro, every traveler must have completed filling the form with all the required documents attached to it. The documents that are required to be attached to the form are a passport, one passport size photo, proof of their purpose of stay if invited by a family member living in the country, proof of confirmed accommodation if any reservation has been paid for, proof of possessions like credit cards and bank accounts, proof of the means of travel like airplane tickets, proof of health insurance, proof of the consular visa fees paid and any other document which is important.

Foreigners who are unable to show all these proofs of the documentation might fail to enter the country.

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