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Myanmar Visa for Canadians

iVisa | Updated on Oct 04, 2022

There are always many questions that surround the process of traveling abroad. One of the most complex issues always surrounds the visa. While Canadians can visit many countries without a visa, there are still others that will require a visa upon entry into the country. Learning whether a visa is necessary, even for tourism, and about the process of applying for one is your first step in international travel. To learn more, you can reference this list of frequently asked questions regarding travel to Myanmar and the need for a visa as a Canadian.



Do Canadian Passport Holders Need a Visa to Enter Myanmar?

Yes. Canadian passport holders will need a visa to enter Myanmar. It is important to note that even with a visa there are still restrictions in place on how a visa can be used. The Myanmar visa can only be used to enter at the Yangon, Mandalay, and Nap Pyi Taw International airports. Visas are valid for a Single Entry only and expire 90 days after issued.

Myanmar Visa for Canadians Fees and Costs

The cost for a Myanmar visa is USD $50.00 with additional fees as necessary.

Myanmar Visa for Canadians Requirements

Myanmar has put several requirements in place for all travelers entering their country with the use of a visa. Those who enter with a tourist visa may only take part in certain activities, such as sightseeing, visiting friends or relatives, or for yoga training. Individuals are prohibited from business activities, work or study without the appropriate visas. Individuals must also provide a letter from an employer stating their occupation or, if self-employed or retired, a description of their occupation. Students can provide a student ID.

Myanmar Visa for Canadians Application Form

The application for the visa can be found and downloaded from the website of the Myanmar Embassy.

How to Obtain a Myanmar Visa

Canadians wishing to apply for a Myanmar visa must do so through the mail with the application at the Myanmar Embassy or else apply online through iVisa. We help you cut through the bureaucratic red tape and simplify the process measurably, which also makes it much faster for you to get the visa that you need.


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