Myanmar visa for Dutch

Myanmar visa for Dutch

iVisa | Updated on Jun 22, 2021

It would be easy for you to visit Myanmar if you are Dutch. All you will need is Myanmar visa for Dutch to visit the country. The Myanmar visa for Dutch is an eVisa which can be easily availed from You can head to the site to apply for the eVisa in easy and simple steps.

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All you have to do to complete the application is provide some information about yourself and the details related to your travel and then submit your application. Apart from that you will also have to pay for the processing of the application and you are good to go. You will receive your approved visa within days. The best part about this is that the entire process can be completed from the comfort of your home.

How to get an eVisa?

  • Get the application form from
  • Once you have the form, fill it in with all the required information.
  • To make sure that your application gets approved, provide accurate details only.
  • Go through the form at least twice to remove chances of any mistakes.
  • Attach all the documents that are required.
  • Submit the form.
  • Then your application would be reviewed.
  • If it gets approved, the visa will be mailed to you.

Why apply in advance? suggests you apply for Myanmar visa for Dutch in advance to make sure that the eVisa gets approved in time for your trip. If you fail to apply on time then you will not get the visa approved before your trip and without the visa, you will never be allowed to enter the country. So to stay on the safer side it is better to apply early than late.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get the eVisa?

It will take you anywhere from around a few days to 2 weeks to get Myanmar visa for Dutch. The total time would depend on the time that you take to complete the application form and the processing category that you choose.

How long does it take to process the eVisa?

  • Standard Processing has a price of USD 75.00 and takes 3 Business Days.
  • Rush Processing has a price of 105 USD for processing the application. It takes 2 days.
  • Super Rush Processing has a price of 135 USD and takes 12 hours.

What are the required documents for the application?

  • Your valid passport.
  • Your passport size photo.
  • The details of your stay and travel.
  • Your email.
  • PayPal or any other eligible payment method for paying the processing fees of application.

What is the validity of the eVisa?

The Myanmar visa for Dutch has a validity of 90 days from the day the application gets approved. However, you can only stay in the country for 28 days.

Can I use the eVisa twice?

The Myanmar visa for Dutch can never be used more than once because of it being a single entry visa. To enter again you will also have to apply again.

How is safe? has a great user interface along with the usage of the correct practices. The site also has a privacy policy according to which the site never retains or shares any of the information that is entered on the site by the users. So you can safely apply for Myanmar visa for Dutch.

What should I do to get more information?

The customer support service of can be contacted if you require any additional information related to Myanmar visa for Dutch. The service functions around the clock throughout the week. So you can receive assistance whenever you want. Recommends is well aware of the fact that Myanmar is among some of the most beautiful countries in the world and that is the reason why the site recommends you to visit the Saddar Cave when you visit the country. The Sadar cave is a true wonder in the country is the home to Buddha statues that are truly magnificent.

The cave is a holy place for Buddhists and so you will be required to take off your shoes before entering the place. There are numerous statues made up of gold as well as other materials located in the cave. There are some paintings too. You can witness all of the beauties of these in the darkness of the caves.

To be able to do so apply for the Myanmar visa for Dutch at the earliest possible.