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Great news for Ghanaians! You can get a Myanmar eVisa if you're planning to travel to Myanmar. This eVisa is the online equivalent for a consular visa.

iVisa provides thus document with the easiest online form you could find. No more long trips to the embassy, because with the eVisa you won't need it. All you need to do is to complete a few steps you'll find in this article.


Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

I'm a Ghanian passport holder, do I need a visa for Myanmar?

Every national from Ghana must get a visa before traveling to Myanmar. Happily for this nationality, they can apply for a Myanmar eVisa.

What does eVisa means?

The eVisa (electronic visa) is a travel requirement for foreign citizens who want to visit Myanmar for tourism purposes.

If I apply for the Tourist eVisa, how long can I stay?

If you're from Ghana, you have 28 days in Total in Myanmar.

What are the requirements?

The only documents you need to apply for an eVisa are these ones:

  • Applicant's Photo

  • Passport Personal Details Scan (if applicable)

  • Medical proof of COVID-19 vaccination (if applicable)

  • Proof of Travel Medical Insurance

  • Return Ticket

  • Proof of Accommodation

While the visa will be linked to your passport, you still need a copy to show at the immigration office in Myanmar. iVisa will email you one of these copies in PDF format, so you should also provide a Valid email address.

Keep in mind that during the online process, you will be required to make the payment for both the visa cost and service fees. You can do this using a credit or debit card, and if you have a Paypal account, you can use that too.

What is the validity time of the eVisa?

You can utilize the eVisa for 90 days after issued. After that period of time, your eVisa will expire automatically.

How many processing times do you offer for the eVisa?

We are currently offering 3 options for those who want to visit Myanmar:

  • Standard processing (7 Business Days) - USD $108.99.

  • Rush processing (5 Business Days) - USD $149.99.

  • Super Rush processing (3 Business Days) - USD $196.99.

Does it take too much time to submit my application form?

In 20 minutes you can complete the whole online application form.

How is composed the online application form?

The online application that we designed is really easy and fast to fill in. It should take you no more than 20 minutes following these steps:

  1. Fill in your general data and choose the processing time from the options mentioned above.
  2. Revise step one and make the payment.
  3. Complete a quick questionnaire and upload your photo. Other documents may be required as well, this will depend on individual circumstances. Once the steps are completed, go ahead and click on the button that says submit now.

If you're ready to start this online process, click here.

Do I have a limit of entries with the eVisa?

Yes. The tourist eVisa only allows you enter once, which means you will hold a Single Entry type of visa.

Children need to get an eVisa too?

For kids who have 7 years old or less than that age, they have to apply in the same application form along with their parents. On the other hand, if your kid has more than 7 years old, they need to apply for their own eVisa to travel to Myanmar.

NOTE: Children under 7 years don't have to pay an additional fee, because they will be applying in conjunction with their parents. In other words, they just need to pay USD 50.00 but nothing else.

Can I apply online if I don't have hotel bookings?

Yes, you can apply for this eVisa without hotel bookings. Just remember that you must get a registration in a hotel, motel, inn, guest houses, or resorts.

Can I enter anywhere with the Myanmar eVisa?

Please be reminded that this type of document allows you to enter the country on specified points of entry: Yangon International Airport, Naypyidaw Airport, and Mandalay International Airport if you travel by air. You can only enter through Tachileik, Myawaddy, and Kaethaung land border checkpoints if you go by land.

Is it safe to use iVisa's service?

Yes, defiantly! We always guarantee the safety of personal information, so you don't have to worry about anything being leaked. However, it's ok if you still have doubts, you can contact us to receive more information, and you can also check our testimonials to confirm that we offer an excellent service.

Can you show me a sample of the eVisa?

Fill me in

I have more questions, where can I find more information about the Myanmar eVisa?

If you want a better resolution to your doubts, then click here and start talking to one of our customer service agents. You can also read extra info on this page.

Start your online process now and avoid any bureaucratic movement that could cause you stress. Get ready for your journey with iVisa!

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