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Myanmar Visa for Sri Lankans

Myanmar Visa for Sri Lankans
iVisa | Updated on Jul 31, 2019

Sri Lankan passport holders may have many questions about where they can visit with their passport, and when a visa may be required. While there are many countries that they can visit without a passport, there are others that will require a traveler’s visa for them regardless of whether they are tourists or they are conducting business or other affairs in the country. For more information about whether you will need a visa to enter Myanmar, you can refer to this listing of frequently asked questions to help you determine whether a visa will be needed before your entry the country. Myanmar


Do Sri Lankan Passport Holders Need a Visa to Enter Myanmar?

Yes. Sri Lankan passport holders will need a visa to enter Myanmar, as the country only allows for unrestricted access for passport holders of a few countries. It is also important to understand the restrictions that will be imposed on you even if you do have a visa to enter the country. For example, you will only be able to stay in the country for 90 days Total as a visitor, and you will only be able to enter and exit via the Yandon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw International airports.

Myanmar Visa for Sri Lankans Fees and Costs

The total cost for a Myanmar visa for a Sri Lankan visa is USD 82.00 along with a USD 35.00 service fee.

Myanmar Visa for Sri Lankans Requirements

There are many requirements in place for Sri Lankans who are seeking a Myanmar visa. Among these requirements, you must have a valid Sri Lankan passport that will not expire for at least six months from the time that you arrive in Myanmar. Additionally, you will not be able to visit certain areas of the country while you are in Myanmar unless you have made certain arrangements with the government.

Myanmar Visa for Sri Lankans Application Form

The form for the Myanmar visa can be found at the Myanmar Embassy website, or you can apply with iVisa.

How to Obtain a Myanmar Visa

To obtain a Myanmar visa as a Sri Lankan passport holder, you must book an official appointment online with the Myanmar Embassy website. To make things easier, you can also apply through iVisa, which takes only one day to process. Doing so also requires less struggling with government bureaucracy and can help ensure that you do not miss any steps in the application process.


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