New Zealand ETA for the citizens of Vatican City

New Zealand ETA for the citizens of Vatican City

iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2021

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand in the near future? Then there are a few things you need to think about before you leave. One of them is the visa and whether or not you are required to acquire one in advance. Most nationalities must go to the embassy of New Zealand, but there are a few, 60 to be more precise, that are exempt from obtaining a visa. If you find yourself in that category, all you need is to get a New Zealand ETA. All visa-exempt nationalities need one, except for Australian citizens. iVisa can help with the online application process. To learn more about the New Zealand ETA, you should read the information we put together for you below.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Are the citizens of Vatican City required to obtain a New Zealand ETA?

Yes. Since the citizens of Vatican City are exempt from obtaining a visa when traveling to New Zealand, a New Zealand ETA is necessary. iVisa provides a short and stress-free online application process.

What are the requirements for a New Zealand ETA?

You will be happy to find out that the requirements for a New Zealand ETA are easy to fulfill. There are not many of them, and you should not struggle with putting everything together. What you need for a successful application process is as follows:

  • Passport – one thing that you need to check before starting the online application process is its expiry date. The passport must be valid and remain as such for another 6 months from the date of arrival in New Zealand. It must also have at least one blank page available for the stamp.
  • Travel dates – what you must disclose are the dates for your arrival and departure
  • E-mail address – when you apply online for a New Zealand ETA, you receive a confirmation with a reference number via e-mail. You will be asked to provide it once you arrive in New Zealand. You can either print it out or keep it on your device
  • Means of online payment – you will be happy to learn that iVisa is flexible when it comes to this. You can pay using a credit or a debit card, but we also accept PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat

How much time must I wait for my New Zealand ETA to arrive?

That is for you to decide. iVisa came up with three options as far as the processing time of your application is concerned. That way, you are at liberty to select the one that best satisfies your needs. Here is what you can choose from:

  • Standard processing – you receive your New Zealand ETA within 24 hours
  • Rush processing – your application is processed within 4 hours
  • Super Rush processing – you must wait just 30 minutes for your application to be processed

What about the cost of a New Zealand ETA?

The cost of a New Zealand ETA is variable. It is determined by the processing time you choose for your application. Obviously, the faster you want the processing to go, the more you will be charged. Here are the prices for each processing time option:

  • Standard – USD 57.00
  • Rush – USD 77.00
  • Super Rush – USD 97.00

How long is the New Zealand ETA valid for?

The validity of a New Zealand ETA is of 2 years after issued since the date of issue.

How many entries does a New Zealand ETA ensure?

The New Zealand ETA is a Multiple Entry type of document.

How long can I stay in New Zealand for?

With a New Zealand ETA, you are allowed to stay in New Zealand for a period that cannot exceed 90 days Per Entry.

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