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New Zealand visa requirements and visa policy

iVisa | Updated on Sep 30, 2022

When you apply for a New Zealand Tourist Visa, known as Visitor Visa, one of the things you need to read about is the visa requirements and the visa policy that governs them. Lucky for you, New Zealand’s visa policy is lenient, and the requirements are nothing out of the ordinary. This applies both when you go to an embassy to submit an application and when you apply online with iVisa.

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According to New Zealand’s visa policy, there are 60 states whose citizens can enter the country without a visa. They are called visa waiver countries. However, the people in that category can stay inside New Zealand only for 3 months without a permit. The time period extends to 6 months for British citizens. If any of those people plan to remain in New Zealand for longer, they are required to apply for a New Zealand visa. Luckily, New Zealand has an electronic visa system, and you can request online with us.

You can use iVisa’s Visa Checker to see whether or not you need a New Zealand visa. Select your nationality from the drag-down menu, choose New Zealand as your destination, and the needed information will be displayed in just an instant.

What about the requirements?

Before you apply for your visa, you need to check a few things off the list. You do not need to worry because you are not asked to provide something that is challenging to achieve. Below you will find a list of the things you need to apply, as well as the documents you need once you're in New Zealand.

  • Valid passport – all travelers are required to have a passport. Be sure that it is valid for another 90 days from your arrival in New Zealand.

  • Photo – the picture must comply with all the criteria to obtain a passport photograph.

  • Methods of payment – before finishing the application form, you'll have to pay for it using a credit or debit card or PayPal.

  • Email –we send you the travel authorization by email. Note that you must have a copy of it to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Means of livelihood – when you arrive in New Zealand, you must prove that you can support yourself during your journey. A bank account statement should be enough.

  • Return airline ticket – you'll need to have a return flight ticket to your home country or another destination if you're in transit. In case you don't any of them, you must prove that you have the money to buy one.

  • Proof of good character – if you have a criminal record, you must reveal this information. Even people from visa waiver countries can be required to apply if they have ever been convicted of a felony.

At first sight, the New Zealand visa requirements and visa policy do not present anything out of the ordinary. The rules are more lenient than the ones of other countries, and the list of demands does not contain anything that would cause you to become stressed. The New Zealand Visitor Visa is valid for 2 years after issued, and you can use it to stay for up to 90 days Per Entry in New Zealand.

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