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As an Egyptian, you'll have the chance to get a New Zealand ETA very soon.

And the best part about this upcoming process is that iVisa will make easier the steps to follow to receive a visa when traveling to New Zealand. In other words, you won't need to go to the Embassy.

But while we wait for this document, let's learn a bit more about the requirements and other useful information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm from Egypt, do I need to get a visa if I want to enter New Zealand?

If you're Egyptian, then YES, you need a Consular Visa to travel to New Zealand, but don't stress about this tedious process! you'll have the possibility to apply for a New Zealand ETA in the near future, so if you can wait just some months, then you get a better option than taking a trip to an embassy.

As we already mentioned above, iVisa is not offering the New Zealand ETA, at least for now, but you can check the eligibility for other eVisas on this website, which is another excellent option if you have flexibility in your travel arrangements.

It is quite simple to use the Visa Checker designed by iVisa, all you need to do is to write down your nationality in the drag-down menu, and after you finish that, you have to write the country you wish to visit as the destination. Once you're done with this part, you'll know the information immediately.

If you have to apply for a visa, you'll know it quickly, and if you qualify for an eVisa (which is a lot easier to receive than a consular one) you'll be redirected to the online application page. You'll also be notified in case you don't need a visa.

How long is the New Zealand ETA valid for?

If you're from Egypt, you can use the New Zealand ETA for 2 years after issued.

What are the requirements for Congolese citizens?

It's not too difficult to get all the documents required to apply online. In fact, there's a high chance that you have at least two of the following documents:

  • Passport – This document is extremely necessary if you want to travel to other countries. If you already have it, then don't neglect to verify that it has validity for at least another 3 months from the departure date. You also need a scan of your passport’s information page. You have to ensure that the scan includes the signature.

  • Digital passport photo – The digital photo must have some requirements as well. It must be a recent picture and it must follow the proper guidelines based on passport photographs.

  • Travel Plans – you need to have an itinerary that shows what are your plans in New Zealand.

  • Proof of accommodation – For this, you can show a hotel booking confirmation or a letter from a host.

  • List of works or last jobs.

  • Documents that prove your ties to your country of origin – for example, you can show family papers or a job contract.

  • Proof of sustenance – you have to offer a piece of evidence to support yourself while you visit New Zealand.

  • E-mail address – iVisa will mail you the New Zealand ETA. A valid e-mail address is extremely necessary.

  • Payment Methods – If you get the ETA with iVisa, you can pay the service with a credit or debit card, but Paypal is also a valid option.

What are the processing times and fees?

The total price you have to pay for the New Zealand ETA will vary depending on the processing time you choose while filling in the online form. iVisa provides you three excellent choices so that you can select the one that best suits your needs. These are:

  • Standard processing – This alternative will allow you to receive your New Zealand ETA in at least 24 hours as long as you accept to pay USD 57.00.

  • Rush processing – you'll get your ETA in 4 hours, but you'll need to pay a bit more, USD 77.00 being precise.

  • Super Rush processing – With this option you only have to wait 30 minutes, but keep in mind that the price for this is the most expensive of all. You'll pay USD 97.00.

How long can I stay in New Zealand if I'm from Egyp?

If you're Egyptian, you can stay in New Zealand for 90 days Per Entry.

How can I apply for the New Zealand ETA?

Once you have all the documents required, the last thing to do is to fill in the online form. It should take you a few minutes to complete, and you should not experience any issues along the way. Nevertheless, if you find some problems, you can reach to iVisa’s customer support 24/7.

The online form is divided into three easy steps:

  1. The first step will ask you to provide personal information, but it also asks you to pick a processing time for your online form. What you select defines the cost of your New Zealand ETA.

  2. In step two, you have to proceed with the payment and review your form so that it does not have any mistake. You cannot make changes after your form is issued, so make sure you read it carefully before submission.

  3. The third and last step will require you to upload the records that support your online form. When you are done with that, you can click on the submit button, and iVisa will do the rest of the process.

The most notable thing to remember from all this is that receiving a New Zealand ETA with iVisa is incredibly convenient. This process is completely smooth!

What can I do if I travel with my kids?

For this circumstance, you must know that they need to have a Visa too. That's why we heavily recommend contacting the embassy to get more information about this topic.

Do I need a New Zealand ETA or Visa if I'm in the Transit area?

You'll probably need a visa for this situation as well. In other words, if you have to stay at the airport to go to another country, you also require to get a visa. That's why we recommend to contact the embassy to receive more precise information about this topic.

How does the New Zealand ETA look like?

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Where can I find more info?

If you have any doubts about the forthcoming New Zealand ETA then don't worry, we grant you the option to contact iVisa’s customer service center to receive more satisfying attention. The service can be contacted via online chat or phone 24/7, and it is completely free of charge.