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IMPORTANT: in iVisa, we're not allowed to offer the ETA or e-Visa to New Zealand if you're from Pakistan, but we can help you with some useful information to travel there.

We know that there are many nationalities that are exempt from a visa to travel to New Zealand and there are also others that can apply online; however, this is not the case for Pakistani citizens. Although the Pakistanis CANNOT apply for an ETA or eVisa, we believe that the New Zealand Government will approve it soon.

Fortunately, we have prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the New Zealand eVisa that citizens of Pakistan should follow once the Government authorizes it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm from Pakistan, do I need a visa to travel to New Zealand?

Yes, you must obtain a visa to enter New Zealand. Unfortunately, we do not provide an eVisa at the moment, but we're working hard to give you this option shortly. You can only apply for a consular visa by going to an embassy, at least for now.

How long can I stay in New Zealand?

If you're Pakistani, you can stay in New Zealand for 90 days Per Entry

What are the requirements?

The requirements for a New Zealand ETA for the citizens of Pakistan are the same as for any other eligible nationality. To start the online application process, you need to make sure that you have the following at hand:

  • A valid passport – Pakistani citizens who need to apply online must have this document. You need to ensure that the passport is valid for at least another 3 months from your date of departure from New Zealand.

  • Digital photo – This photo has to be as recent as possible and it must follow all the guidelines for a passport photo.

  • Means of payment – iVisa will ask you to make the payment while completing the application form. You can do that using a credit or a debit card, but you can also pay using a PayPal account.

  • Valid e-mail address – iVisa grants you the ETA via e-mail in PDF format. Do not forget to print a few physical copies so that you have a couple of spares.

  • Means of sustenance – once you arrive in New Zealand, you need to prove that you can provide for yourself during your trip. A bank account statement should be enough.

  • Return flight ticket – when you arrive at the airport, you may be asked to show a return flight ticket to your country of origin (or another destination if you are in transit). If you do not have one, then you have to prove that you have enough money to buy one.

  • Proof of good behaviour– if you have a criminal history, you need to disclose it.

How long is this e-Visa valid for?

Your document has a validity of 2 years after issued

What are the processing times and prices for the New Zealand ETA?

If you apply for your ETA using iVisa's services, then you'll be able to choose one of the following processing options:

  • Standard processing – you'll receive your New Zealand ETA in only 24 hours. After that, you'll only have to pay USD $94.74
  • Rush processing – your ETA will be ready in 4 hours, but you'll have to pay more, USD $136.74 being precise.
  • Super Rush processing – with this alternative you have to wait 30 minutes for your application to be ready. As you can guess, this is the most expensive alternative. You have to pay USD $183.74.

Keep in mind the service fees charged by iVisa are already included in these prices. You will be happy to learn that iVisa does not practice hidden charges or surcharges

How can I apply?

As soon as you notice that you can provide all of the above, you can move on and fill in the application process. It should not take you more than 20 minutes because it is an easy task, but if you need help, iVisa’s customer support is available 24/7.

The form you need to go over is broken down into three steps:

  1. The first one asks you to give your personal information as well as some details about your trip and passport. You have to select a processing time as well, but keep in mind that your selection determines the cost of your ETA.

  2. The second step wants you to make the payment and revise your form so that it does not contain any mistakes.

  3. The third step requires you to provide the supporting documentation of your application. iVisa will want you to upload what is necessary. When you are done, submit your form, and iVisa will take things from there.

Do I need to get a New Zealand ETA or Visa if I travel with my kids?

Yes, you must apply to your children as well. Remember that every foreign citizen who wants to enter New Zealand requires a visa, even children.

How does the New Zealand ETA look like?

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Where can I read more?

If you still have doubts about the New Zealand ETA, then do not hesitate to contact iVisa’s customer center. You can talk to us via online chat or phone 24/7, and it is free of charge.

Don't forget that you can also read more about this document on this page, so don't lose the chance to be informed about this destination.

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