The best New Zealand visa application process

The best New Zealand visa application process

iVisa | Updated on Nov 24, 2021

If you plan a trip to New Zealand, you may need a visa. If you are lucky enough to find yourself on the list of 60 nationalities that are visa exempt, then you only need your passport. However, if not, you need to find a visa service if you are not eager to go to the nearest embassy. To check your eligibility, you can use iVisa’s Visa Checker. Choose your nationality, select New Zealand as your destination, and the information you need is displayed in just a second. Moreover, if you do require a visa, you will be able to apply on the spot.

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What makes iVisa the best?

If you do a simple search online, you will find numerous visa services that promise you the easiest New Zealand visa application process. While most of them do an excellent job at helping you, iVisa comes with something extra. Our purpose is to allow you to enjoy your vacation planning and leave the bureaucracy to us. All you must do is provide us with some documents and some information about yourself, and fill in an application form. The rest is for us to handle.

So why you should choose iVisa for you New Zealand visa application process?

  1. Because we do not hold you for long – our New Zealand visa application process only takes 20 minutes of your time. Your time is valuable for us, and since you are paying us, we take the job very seriously to the very end. We require very little from you, and once we are given everything we need to start the process, you get to enjoy yourself by doing something you like.

  2. Because we satisfy every need and budget – we know that not everyone has the same available timeline. It is the same when it comes to budget. That is why we give you the possibility to choose from three processing times: Standard, Rush, and Super Rush. Each of them provides a particular timeframe within which your application form is processed, and of course, each of them has its own fee. If you want your New Zealand visa faster, you need to pay more, but we do have the Standard processing time which allows you to get your visa at the lowest possible price.

  3. Because we can help you directly – iVisa has a fantastic support service. Our consultants are trained to face any issue you may have and answer all your questions. Plus, if you need help with filling in the form, someone can assist you every step of the way. This service is entirely free of charge, and it is available 24/7.

  4. Because you can pay however you want – while consulates take cash only (most of the times) and third-party companies such as ourselves rely on Visa and Mastercard, we know that there are many other valid and secure means of payment. That is why we accept PayPal, WeChat, and Alipay as well. You can use whichever you find most convenient.

  5. Because our application forms are different – nobody likes filling in an application form. They are often ambiguous, which makes you pull your hair out. However, we created a three-step application process. That should simplify thing for you.

Believe it or not, the list can go on and on. You can ask the thousands of satisfied customers we have already serviced. So, if you are looking for the best and easiest New Zealand visa application process, we can help you. All you have to do is access our website and follow the steps.