Nigeria Business e-Visa on Arrival for Citizens of San Marino

Nigeria Business e-Visa on Arrival for Citizens of San Marino

iVisa | Updated on Feb 05, 2021

Citizens of San Marino who want to go to Nigeria for business reasons need to have a special business visa. The e-Visa on Arrival program helps you get your application prepared so you can take it with you on your trip. Once you arrive, you will be able to hand your visa on arrival form to customs officials and get your visa much faster.


San Marino Citizens and the Visa on Arrival Process for Nigeria

Necessary Application Information to Prepare

The Nigerian Business e-Visa on Arrival application is simple and safe to fill out. Gather this information and these documents to make your application process faster to complete:

  • Valid Payment Method - We can take PayPal and major debit/credit cards.
  • Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate from Host Company - Make sure the host company in Nigeria provides you with a document for your travels.
  • Departure Voucher - When are you leaving Nigeria? You must have an exit ticket prepared so customs officials know you will be leaving the country before your visa expires.
  • Cover Letter - Summarize why you are going to Nigeria.
  • Legal Passport - The passport page with all of your personal information must be submitted with your application for security verification.
  • Recent Passport Photo - Use a colored picture, not a black and white one.

Number of Entries into Nigeria

The Business e-Visa on Arrival for Nigeria provides a limit on the number of times you can enter the country.

You will have Single Entry to the country of Nigeria.

Processing Speed Options

It depends on how fast you want your visa on arrival letter:

  • Standard Processing - You will receive your document within 6 days from application submission.
  • Rush Processing - You will receive your document within 4 days from application submission.
  • Super Rush Processing - You will get your document within 2 days from application entry.

Maximum Stay for Visa | Nigerian Business Visa on Arrival

You’ll be allowed to stay for 30 days Per Entry.

Nigerian Business e-Visa on Arrival | Total Costs

The cost of your Business e-Visa on Arrival letter will change based on the options you select during the application process.

  • Standard Processing - With this option, your visa on arrival document will cost USD 163.00.
  • Rush Processing - Rush processing will bring a fee of USD 188.00.
  • Super Rush Processing - The total will be USD 213.00 if you choose this speed.

Expiration Date for Nigerian Business e-Visa

Your Nigeria Business Visa will no longer be valid 14 days after issued.

Residents of San Marino | Get Your Business e-Visa On Arrival for Nigeria

Within our ever-changing business world, Nigeria is the perfect place to travel for work. Being a citizen of San Marino means you are a foreign national and must have a specific business visa in-hand in order to enter the country to conduct trade. Let iVisa help you easily get started with the e-Visa on arrival process so you can spend the rest of your time strategizing your trade deals.

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