Nigeria Business e-Visa on Arrival for Citizens of Sudan

Nigeria Business e-Visa on Arrival for Citizens of Sudan
iVisa | Updated on Jan 02, 2020

If you are a citizen of Sudan, you'll need a visa if you're traveling to Nigeria for business purposes. What’s great is that you can be a tourist while doing business by also exploring the beautiful surroundings in Nigeria. To do so, you will need to fill out an application so you can obtain your visa on arrival. The e-Visa on Arrival application for a Nigerian business visa is quick and easy to fill out anywhere you have internet.


Travelers from Sudan | Business Visa for Nigeria - Q&A

Can I choose how quickly my application is processed?

Yes, you can choose one of three processing speeds.

  • Standard Processing - You will receive your visa within 7 days from application submission.
  • Rush Processing - You will receive your visa within 5 days from application submission.
  • Super Rush Processing - You will receive your visa within 4 days from application submission.

Are there different prices for the business e-Visa on Arrival document?

Your Business e-Visa on Arrival cost as a citizen of Sudan will depend on which visa you choose and the processing speed you select.

  • Standard Processing - With this option, your total visa on arrival document cost will be USD 152.00.
  • Rush Processing - Rush processing will bring the total fee to USD 182.00.
  • Super Rush Processing - The total will be USD 212.00.

How long can I stay in Nigeria on business as a citizen of Sudan?

Your maximum stay will be 30 days Per Entry.

What do you need to process my application?

The Nigeria Business e-Visa on Arrival is fast and easy to fill out. Have these pieces of information ready so you can apply in just a few minutes:

  • Applicant Photo - To process everything, we will need a clear, recent color passport photo.
  • Cover Letter - Why are you going to Nigeria? State the reason.
  • Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate from Host Company - Submit a formal letter from the host company that you will be doing business with in Nigeria.
  • Payment Method - We can accept PayPal and major debit/credit cards.
  • Valid Passport - A scan of the personal details page of your passport will be required.
  • Departure Ticket - You’ll need to show Nigerian security officials that you will be leaving the country before your visa expires.

Expiration Date of a Business e-Visa on Arrival

Your Nigeria Business Visa will expire:

30 days after arrival

Entry Limitations

For Sudanese citizens, the Business e-Visa on Arrival for Nigeria entry allowance depends on which options you select during the application process.

You will have Single Entry into Nigeria.

Citizens of Sudan | Nigerian Business e-Visa on Arrival

Don’t waste time going to the embassy. Instead, simply take a few minutes filling out an application for the Nigerian business visa on arrival. You’ll be happy when you arrive at the point-of-entry in Nigeria and are able to get your visa quickly.

Have a wonderful trip to Nigeria!

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