Nigeria Business e-Visa on Arrival for Citizens of Tunisia

Nigeria Business e-Visa on Arrival for Citizens of Tunisia

iVisa | Updated on Feb 06, 2021

If you are a citizen of Tunisia, you'll need a visa if you're traveling to Nigeria for business purposes. To do so, you will need to fill out an application so you can obtain your visa on arrival. The e-Visa on Arrival application for a Nigeria business visa is quick and easy to fill out anywhere you have internet.


Tunisia Travelers | Business Visa for Nigeria - Q&A

How long can I stay in Nigeria on business as a citizen of Tunisia?

Your maximum stay will be 30 days Per Entry.

Limitations on Entry

For residents of Tunisia, the Business e-Visa on Arrival for Nigeria entry allowance depends on which options you select during the application process.

You'll have Single Entry to Nigeria.

Are there different prices for the Business e-Visa on Arrival document?

Your Business e-Visa on Arrival cost as a citizen of Tunisia will depend on which visa you choose and the processing speed you select.

  • Standard Processing - With this option, your total visa on arrival document cost will be USD 192.00.
  • Rush Processing - Rush processing will bring a total fee of USD 217.00.
  • Super Rush Processing - The total will be USD 242.00.

Business Visa on Arrival Expiration

Your Nigerian Business e-Visa will expire: 14 days after issued

Can I select how fast my application is processed?

Yes. You can choose one of three processing speeds.

  • Standard Processing - You will receive your document within 6 days from application submission.
  • Rush Processing - You will receive your document within 4 days from application submission.
  • Super Rush Processing - You will receive your document within 2 days from application submission.

What do I need to process my visa application?

The application for a Nigeria Business e-Visa on Arrival is fast and easy to fill out. Have these pieces of information ready so you can apply in just a few minutes:

  • Payment Method - We can accept PayPal and major debit/credit cards.
  • Departure Ticket - You’ll need to show Nigerian security officials that you will be leaving the country before your visa expires.
  • Applicant Photo - To process everything, we will need a clear, recent colored passport photo.
  • Cover Letter - Why are you going to Nigeria? State the reason.
  • Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate from Host Company - Submit a formal letter from the host company that you will be doing business with in Nigeria.
  • Valid Passport - A scan of the personal details page of your passport will be required.

Citizens of Tunisia | Nigerian Business e-Visa on Arrival

Don’t waste your time going to the embassy or consulate. Instead, simply take a few minutes filling out an application for the Nigerian business visa on arrival. You’ll be happy when you arrive at the point-of-entry in Nigeria and are able to get your visa quickly.

Have a wonderful trip to Nigeria!

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