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Do I need a vaccine to travel to North Korea?

Do I need a vaccine to travel to North Korea?
iVisa | Updated on Feb 23, 2023

Traveling to North Korea is an excellent plan for those visitors trying to start a new adventure. However, you may be in a dilemma due to the current pandemic. So, if you are wondering, “Do I need a vaccine to travel to North Korea?”, iVisa.com is the right place to answer your question.

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Learn more about the vaccination requirements to visit North Korea: “Do I need a vaccine to travel to North Korea?” in our FAQS section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a vaccine to travel to North Korea?

Up to this moment, no traveler can enter North Korea. The government has closed its borders to prevent the spread of the virus coming from outsiders. It means you cannot visit North Korea for a while. Nevertheless, if it changes in the future, there’s no current vaccination requirement to visit North Korea.

What documents do I need to obtain the North Korea Health Declaration?

You will need to provide the following details:

  • Your current passport.
  • Your email address.
  • A valid means of payment (any of your debit or credit cards).

What are the steps I have to follow to get the North Korea Health Declaration?

Getting your North Korea Health Declaration is pretty simple. Our team designed a three-step procedure that usually does not take more than ten minutes to complete.

  • First, you will need to complete the application form with your personal information. Then, choose the processing time that better suits your needs.
  • Second, verify that your information has no errors and continue with the payment method.
  • Third, upload the required paperwork (such as your passport card information scanned), and submit your form once you feel ready to begin the process.

That’s all you need to do on your part! Our team will take care of the rest while you wait patiently at home. Then, they will send your North Korea Health Declaration to your email address.

Is iVisa.com a trustworthy travel agency?

Without any doubt! At iVisa.com, we take security very seriously. For that reason, our platform will safeguard your information at all costs. That means you’re in good hands. You will also find a solution to your inquiry, “Do I need a vaccine to travel to North Korea?”. of our clients recommend our services, as you can read here.

I’m hesitant about the service; how can I find out more?

Feel free to contact our customer service agents if you’re looking for a more precise answer to your question, “Do I need a vaccine to travel to North Korea?”. You can reach out to them at any time you need assistance. You can also send them a message to [email protected] if you consider it necessary.

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North Korea is one of the most intrepid and fascinating countries in the world. Despite being one of the least visited countries globally, here you can find the most amazing places of all. In addition, this country is known worldwide for its distinctive culture and history. So don’t worry, if you are considering an upcoming trip to North Korea but don't know where to go! iVisa.com recommends a couple of places that may be of interest to you.

The first stop you should make in the country is Pyongyang. It is known worldwide for its military parades, where the country's weapons are displayed every year. Its tourist attractions are the statues, monuments, and museums that glorify the Kim family. As soon as you arrive in the country, the authorities will appoint a tour guide to accompany you throughout your visit. In Pyongyang, the traveler will be amazed by the North Korean capital’s buildings, monuments, and totalitarian extravagance.

If you’re now excited about your next adventure to North Korea, you will have to consider the required documents to visit the country. Luckily, iVisa.com will assist you with that.