North Korea e-Visa for Citizens of New Zealand

North Korea e-Visa for Citizens of New Zealand
iVisa | Updated on Nov 27, 2019

North Korea's visa program for New Zealand requires advance planning and weeks of preparation. You will need to apply for a visa early. e-Visas to North Korea for New Zealand citizens are unattainable at the moment, but iVisa will carry them when they are available. The New Zealand government currently advises citizens to avoid non-essential travel to North Korea.

North Korea

Check your government’s website to find out specific restrictions and warnings for traveling to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. As with any international trip, plan well, and be careful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) DPKR e-Visa | New Zealanders

Can I get a North Korean e-Visa online?

No. You will have to go to the diplomatic mission of North Korea in your region. Many countries, including the United States, do not have diplomatic missions for North Korea, so you may have to contact your government to find out a way to get a visa for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Am I able to go to North Korea as a New Zealander?

It depends on many factors. Journalists and intelligence officers from different governments will most likely be denied.

Journalists, in fact, are able to enter the country with a special permit and visa. US journalists are strongly warned either to not go to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea or to do so only in a pre-authorized fashion. Do not attempt to stray from your guide as you may be deported, or worse jailed, causing a diplomatic arms race.

Can I enter North Korea as a tourist from New Zealand?

Yes, but there are stringent rules. You must plan your trip well in advance and register with an approved travel agency. Approved North Korean travel agencies are ones that are officially registered with the State General Burea of Tourist Guidance. And you must apply for a visa for North Korea well in advance also.

Be aware that traveling to North Korea as a tourist is limited to the detailed step-by-step days planned in advance by the North Korean government and the approved travel agency.

You will not be able to interact with locals unless authorized in advance. Sometimes, if you are there during a national holiday, you may be able to interact with a local, but do not expect to make friends as this could be seen as unauthorized and cause trouble for everyone involved.

Most tours of North Korea are 5 days or less.

Can I visit North Korea without a guide?

No. Even if you are approved to travel without being part of a tour group, you will most likely still be escorted by an official of the state of North Korea.

Will I get hurt or go to jail if I travel to North Korea?

As long as you follow the rules set forth for your travel by the North Korean government and keep your visa documents with you, and you do not travel without your approved guide, you should be safe from harm or going to jail.

North Korea e-Visa Policy and Travel for New Zealand Citizens

Almost everyone that goes to North Korea on vacation or for a visit is not harmed in any way. However, you must understand that you do not have the same freedoms and rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea that you do in other countries. No religious freedoms. No protesting freedoms. Etc.

Take precautions, plan well in advance, and be prepared to have last-minute changes to your itinerary. Be prepared for complete cancellation as well.

Use our Visa Checker Tool to help find the nearest North Korean embassy for you.

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