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Norway is a Nordic country famous for its mountains, glaciers, and coastal fjords. Oslo, the capital city, is a place full of green areas and many museums that reflect Norwegian culture and history. At the Oslo Viking Ship Museum, you can see several Viking ships preserved from the 9th century. You can also explore Bergen, famed for its colorful wooden houses, as well as being the starting point for cruises to the amazing Sogn Fjord. Norway is also a successful country for fishing, hiking, and skiing, which is very popular at the Lillehammer Olympic Center. From delicate urban cities to northern lights, there’s a lot of things to do in Norway. This is a long country that can provide you breathtaking places, such as its capital city Oslo, which is known as the “European Green Capital”. This city is famous for its enigmatic cutting-edge food scene, its colorful neighborhoods, and multiple museums and attractions. One example of it is the famous Oslo Viking Ship Museum, located in Bygdøy, which is part of the Historical-Cultural Museum of the University of Oslo. As its name suggests, this museum offers samples and important items of what was the Viking lifestyle in ancient Scandinavia. Also, it owns the Gokstad ship and the Oseberg ship, two intact Viking ships from the 9th century which are important symbols for the country's tourism. There are other great things to do in this city, including taking a relaxing escape to the nearby regions of Vestfold and Østfold or drinking a hot beverage in a cozy environment in the lovely towns of Tønsberg and Fredrikstad. If you prefer something more artistic, you can visit Hadeland just an hour’s drive away from Oslo and enjoy the Kistefos-Museet with the sensational exhibition building The Twist. What you cannot ignore when you visit Oslo is Vigeland Park, or Sculpture Park, because it’s the most famous park in Norway, especially because it has an interesting monolith that always attracts the attention of tourists. Nor can you forget to visit the Oslo Opera House with its modern architecture and the Akershus Fortress, a complex of military buildings from the Middle Ages. Another thing that you should do in Norway is to watch the Northern Lights. You can watch them in the capital of the Arctic, Tromsø. This region is located in Northern Norway. It’s an amazing place to enjoy not only northern lights, but also whales, nature, and midnight sun. This place is popular for ski touring and hiking, especially in the Lyngenfjord region. You can also learn a lot about Sami culture nearby, you just have to take a trip to Karasjok and Alta. Another thing you can do in this region is king crab fishing, especially if you visit Kirkenes. Don’t forget to visit other important islands like Sommarøy, and Kvaløya. If you really enjoy glittering fjords and fishing villages, then Lofoten and Nordland are your places. In this region, you can find picturesque beaches more northern lights and midnight sun, especially if you go during winter. A tip for your adventure is to avoid summer and plan your tour with enough anticipation so you can enjoy hiking in Narvik, or trekking in Helgeland. You can also drive The Coastal Route and watch the breathtaking scenery. Another place to visit is the coastal town of Bodø, the biggest city in Nordland. If you want to get lost in picturesque Norwegian wooden houses, then you must visit Bergen. This city is a Historical World Heritage and a good example of modern fashion mixed with antique culture, trendy cafés, and progressive music, which is an important topic in Norway. In Bergen, you can walk through the colorful Bryggen Neighborhood, and you can also visit museums like KODE. If you prefer something more nature-like, then you can explore the seven surrounding mountain tops or just explore Norway’s most famous fjords like Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. Lastly, you could plan a tour to the fjord village Flåm with the Flåm Line, since it’s considered one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys. The Geirangerfjord and the Northwest are other important regions in Norway. If you visit them, you can explore The Seven Sisters and other waterfalls in the mountainsides. These waterfalls are famous because they have deep blue waters and dense vegetation. But, that’s not all you can do, you can also take a trip to the art nouveau town of Ålesund, a great starting point for fjord journeys. In Åndalsnes, you can go trekking and hiking, especially in the staggering peaks situated a short distance from the well-known attraction of Trollstigen mountain road. We recommend you take the Rauma Line in this place because is one of the world’s most beautiful train journey. If you prefer something warmer, then you can go to Kristiansand and Southern Norway. This part of the country is the summer paradise because it has beautiful beaches and a lot of small islands to have a pleasant vacation. This region has more hours of sun per year than most parts of Norway, and it has colorful vegetation that always catches the tourists’ eye. By visiting Southern Norway, you can explore white wooden houses in coastal towns like Grimstad, Arendal, and Risør, to mention some. You can also explore Kristiansand, where you can wander through Poseyben, and old town full of fresh seafood and fun festivals. Massive mountains, dense forests and exotic scenery is what you can find in Eastern Norway. This is where you can explore multiple Norwegian ski resorts, including Hemsedal and Trysil. You can also explore world-class cycling destinations if you go during summertime or any day after the snow disappears. If you enjoy theme parks, then you can visit Gudbrandsdalen and Hallingdal. Another must is Telemark, where you can go cruising at the Telemark canal and admire one of Eastern Norway’s most incredible views from Mount Gaustatoppen. In this region, you can also explore the national parks of Dovrefjell, Jotunheimen, and Rondane. If you’re more into wildlife, then you must explore the Svalbard Islands in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. In this place, you can enjoy nature-based activities all year long. Keep in mind that you can taste the best from Norwegian gastronomy anywhere, especially in Oslo. Some examples of its cuisine are the delicious Geitost cheese, the Fårikål, the Pinnekjøtt, the Lefse, and dry fish. By the way, if you have a sweet tooth, then you can try Norwegian waffles with Skyr, you surely won’t regret it. All of these and more it’s possible when you travel to Norway, but you need to get your Health Declaration and other travel documentation first. 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