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Oman visa fee

Oman visa fee
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

When you travel to Oman, chances are that you need a visa to enter the country. Only six states are visa-exempt, so you need to check your eligibility for an electronic visa. You can do so using iVisa’s Visa Checker. Just insert your country of origin and select Oman as your destination. The information you need will be displayed in just a second. As for the Oman visa fee, it depends on two factors: the processing time you select during the application process and the visa type.

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As for the processing time, iVisa is aware that people have different needs, which is why it gives you three options:

  • Standard processing – this is the slowest option you can choose, but if you are not in a hurry, there is no point in spending more money on faster processing time. Your visa application is processed within 72 hours, and the price is $82.

  • Rush processing – the middle option means that you will receive your visa within 48 hours, and the fee is $132.

  • Super rush processing – this is the fastest option. It is ideal for people who need to be on the next plane to Oman. You will get your Oman e-visa in just 12 hours, but you will be charged $162.

Note: the fees above apply to the single-entry, 30-day stay visa.

While you fill in the application form, you must also choose a visa type. The first one is the visa mentioned above. You have a single entry, and you can stay maximum 30 days in Oman. The second option is the multiple-entry visa. It allows you to stay in Oman for 30 days as well, but you have multiple entries. As for the fees, you need to pay $160, $210, and $240 respectively for each processing time. The last option is the GCC e-visa. It is a document meant for nationals with a residence permit issued by one of the Gulf Cooperation Council states (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar). The cost for this one is a lot lower. If you qualify for this type of visa, you need to pay only $43, $93, or $123 respectively for every processing time.

The Oman visa fee needs to be paid online. The payment is made during the second step of the application form, and it is entirely secure. iVisa accepts multiple means of payment. You can use a credit or a debit card, a Paypal account, WeChat, or Alipay. There are no extra fees or hidden fees. What you are shown at checkout will coincide with your bank statement.

The Oman visa fees are a bit higher when you apply online, and the truth is that prices for e-visas went up after the oil prices went down. Even so, the cost is affordable, and it is still better than going to an embassy and submit your application there. Plus, you do not have to stand in line at the arrival terminal in Oman either, so the Oman e-visa is worth every penny.

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