Pakistan eVisa processing time

Pakistan eVisa processing time

iVisa | Updated on Jul 02, 2022

When you are planning a trip to a foreign country you have never been before, one of the first things that you need to think about is the fact that you may have to obtain a visa in advance. Same goes for Pakistan. However, Pakistan is one of the countries that adopted the electronic visa system and, if you qualify for it, you can get a Pakistan eVisa online. iVisa is here to help you with the application process so that you do not go through too much trouble while trying to get the proper documentation for your trip.

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As far as the processing time of your application, you will be happy to know that iVisa gives you multiple choices. Since not all applicants have the same needs, it makes sense for iVisa to try and satisfy as many as possible.

As mentioned above, when it comes to the processing time of a Pakistan eVisa, you are free to make a choice from the three excellent options iVisa puts at your disposal. That way, you can pick the one that best satisfies your needs. Take a look at what iVisa prepared for you:

  • Standard processing –your Pakistan eVisa is ready within 15 days
  • Rush processing – you have to wait 13 days for your application to be processed
  • Super Rush processing – your eVisa arrives within just 10 days
  • What you must bear in mind that is that the choice you make regarding the Pakistan eVisa processing time is one of the factors that determines the cost of your travel document. As you can probably imagine, the faster you want the processing to go, the more you are asked to pay. Just to have a clearer image on the matter, here are the prices for each option:

  • Standard - USD 110.00
  • Rush - USD 135.00
  • Super Rush - USD 160.00
  • Please keep in mind that the fees mentioned above can differ a little bit from nationality to nationality. The service fees are included in the price.

As for the moment when you are asked to choose the Pakistan eVisa processing time, you should know that the application form you are asked to fill in consists of two steps. It is during the first step that you are expected to make your choice about the processing time.

Even though iVisa presents the processing time options you see above, it is best if you take a margin of error of a couple of days. While it is an infrequent event, sometimes delays can happen through no fault of iVisa and you would not want to miss a flight just because your Pakistan eVisa is issued later than it is supposed to, would you?

As you can see, the Pakistan eVisa processing time is more than convenient. You can make a choice that best suits your needs. At the same time, you have a somewhat level of control on how much you spend on your travel document, which is a big plus.

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