Pakistan Visa – the fees for the online application process

Pakistan Visa – the fees for the online application process

iVisa | Updated on Jul 02, 2021

If you decide to take a trip to Pakistan for tourist or business purposes, chances are that you must first obtain a visa. While you have the option of going to a Pakistani embassy and submit an application there, you may be able to apply online for a Pakistan eVisa. Of course, you must be eligible for it, but since the citizens of 175 countries are, your chances are pretty good.

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Now, you may be wondering how much an online Pakistan visa costs. It is a natural concern and you may think that convenience has a high price but you could not be more wrong. If you want to get your Pakistan eVisa online, the fee is not that high. In fact, iVisa offers competitive prices. But the even better news is that you are given a choice.

What you should know right from the start is that the fee for a Pakistan Visa depends on two factors. First of all, there is your nationality. Not all applicants pay the same amount. However, the difference is insignificant from nationality to nationality. The second factor is the processing speed of your application. Since not everyone has the same needs, iVisa created three processing options. That way, you are at liberty to make the best possible choice for you. Below, you will find the option in question, as well as the costs they imply.

  • Standard processing –your Pakistan eVisa is ready within 15 days, and you are charged USD 100.00
  • Rush processing – you have to wait 13 days for your application to be processed, and the cost is USD 120.00
  • Super Rush processing – your eVisa arrives within just 10 days, and the fee is USD 140.00

It is worth mentioning that the Pakistan Visa fees you see above already include the service fees. iVisa does not practice any hidden charges. The amount that shows up on your screen at the moment of your application is the same that appears on your bank statement or credit card statement.

As far as the methods of payment are concerned, you will be pleased to learn that iVisa is pretty flexible. When you have to pay your Pakistan visa fee, you are given multiple choices. You can either pay using a credit or a debit card, but iVisa also takes PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat. You are free to use whichever you find most convenient.

As for the moment when you are asked to pay the Pakistan Visa fee, you are supposed to do that during the second step of the application form. All you have to do at that moment is to carefully review the content of your application (spellcheck, the accuracy of the information, etc.) and insert your payment details. As soon as your payment is processed, you are free to submit your form.

Whether or not you find the Pakistan Visa fees affordable is entirely up to you. However, you should look at the bigger picture and the fact that you can apply for a Pakistan eVisa from the comfort of your home, at any hour of the day or night, is priceless.