Papua New Guinea e-Visa for Citizens of Finland

iVisa | Updated on May 03, 2022

The citizens of Finland can now apply for an e-Visa to visit Papua New Guinea.

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Papua New Guinea announced in September 2015 that it would be introducing an electronic visa (e-visa) system, which is open to all citizens of Finland. The e-visa provides foreigners with the opportunity to apply and receive their visa without having to travel to a Papua New Guinea embassy or consulate.

This is a great opportunity for Finns to explore the beautiful country of Papua New Guinea and its diverse cultures, landscapes, and wildlife.

The visa application process is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. Let's explore applying for the Papua New Guinea e-Visa for Citizens of Finland with

Frequently Asked Question

What are the requirements to apply for a Papua New Guinea e-Visa?

You need a passport that has at least 6 months remaining. Also, you must provide information regarding accommodation such as where you are staying and the address of someone you know who will be looking after your housing needs.

For entry or exit into Papua New Guinea, ensure you have at least two passport stamp pages available. You should also have a copy of your visa with you when you travel so that authorities can verify it.

The Papua New Guinea e-Visa for Citizens of Finland is only for tourism trips. It cannot be used to study or for conducting business.

How long does it take for a Papua New Guinea e-Visa to be processed?

At, we have for you some options that you can choose for a facility for the Papua New Guinea e-Visa for Citizens of Finland.

  • Standard Processing: 5 Business Days.
  • Rush Processing: 3 Business Days.
  • Super Rush Processing: 1 Business Day.

What does a Papua New Guinea e-Visa Cost?

The processing speed you choose will affect the price of your Papua New Guinea e-Visa for Citizens of Finland.

  • Standard Processing of your Visa will cost USD $93.99.
  • Rush Processing will cost USD $139.99.
  • Super Rush Processing will cost USD $179.99.

How many times can I enter Papua New Guinea on the eVisa?

There are three entry types: One, two, or more. One entry allows you to enter the country. Double-entry grants you two entrances into the country. Multiple entries allow you unlimited access to the country for as long as your visa is valid.

The Papua New Guinea e-Visa for Citizens of Finland permits the visitors single entry.

What date does the eVisa for Papua New Guinea run out?

The Papua New Guinea e-Visa for Citizens of Finland will expire Single Entry.

There is no need to travel to get your visa. Finland's citizens can apply to Papua New Guinea for a visa online and benefit from the e-Visa program. Thousands of travelers have used it successfully to save their time, effort, as well as money.

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Yes, absolutely! You can trust in for your Papua New Guinea e-Visa for Citizens of Finland. Please check our reviews section. Here you can find comments about our customers' experiences. You'll feel reassured with our help.

After reading this, at, we want to help with the first steps for your trip to this beautiful country.

I have other questions; how can I contact you?

You may also chat live with customer service agents if you have any questions about Papua New Guinea e-Visa for Citizens of Finland. Think no more and write to us! Recommends

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The Goroka Show is a must-see yearly event where locals compete to impress one another with dances, games, and music.

Unbeknownst to many, the island nation of Papua New Guinea holds some of the largest gold reserves on Earth. The country's mining sector has grown exponentially over the last few years due in large part to an influx of foreign investment.

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