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Papua New Guinea Passport Visa Cruise

iVisa | Updated on Nov 07, 2022

Traveling to Papua New Guinea is not as complicated as it was years ago because most nationalities can now apply for a Papua New Guinea eVisa to enter this country. This is probably the only document you need to visit this country, even if it is through a cruise trip. However, there are some things you should keep in mind about this document, and we are ready to help you with that.

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If you want to know basic information about the Papua New Guinea Passport Visa Cruise, as well as what you need to enjoy a trip there (documents, fees to pay, etc.), then read the following list of questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Papua New Guinea eVisa?

The Papua New Guinea e-Visa is an electronic document that authorizes you to enter Papua New Guinea for a short-term visit (up to 180 days after issued).

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What items are necessary to apply for a Papua New Guinea eVisa?

Are you planning a trip to Papua New Guinea with a cruise ship? Then you should not worry about a Papua New Guinea Passport Visa Cruise because you will probably need nothing else than an eVisa, and luckily, the e-Visa is a lot easier to get than a paper visa or a passport visa.

To apply for your e-Visa, you only need these:

  • Your passport with 2 blank pages and at least 6-month validity.
  • A coronavirus vaccine certification.
  • A valid email address to get the eVisa safely.
  • A valid debit or credit card to pay for the corresponding fees while completing the application form.

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What are the processing options and prices for the Papua New Guinea eVisa?

We know that your eVisa may need to be processed quickly, and that’s why we offer three processing options for Papua New Guinea e-Visas.

These are:

  • Standard Processing: 5 Business Days - USD $109.99.
  • Rush Processing: 3 Business Days - USD $161.99.
  • Super Rush Processing: 1 Business Day - USD $222.99.

Do you want to learn more about the Papua New Guinea Passport Visa Cruise and the Papua New Guinea eVisa? Then keep reading below.

How to apply for the Papua New Guinea e-Visa

Applying for this eVisa is not complicated if you use iVisa.com. We have a 3-step method that shouldn’t make you spend more than 15 minutes:

  • Step One: Complete the online request form with your personal information and decide which processing speed you prefer.
  • Step Two: Verify the things you registered in step one to avoid typos and click on ‘review and checkout’ to pay for your eVisa.
  • Step Three: Upload and add the scanned copies of the items needed to finish. Click on ‘submit’ once you are ready and wait for your eVisa!

Once you receive your eVisa by email, do not forget to take it with you to the airport (just in case).

Is iVisa.com safe?

At iVisa.com we ensure not only speed but also safety to all of our clients. We provide a 100% secure automated system that won’t jeopardize any piece of information, so you can trust our platform. Go to our comment section to see what our clients think about us.

Where can I read more about the Papua New Guinea Passport Visa Cruise?

Do you have more doubts about applying for the Papua New Guinea eVisa? Do you still have questions about the Papua New Guinea Passport Visa Cruise? Then contact our customer support agents, they are available 24/7.

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Papua New Guinea has a lot of diverse places to visit, from turquoise waters blended with soft sands to lush vegetation. One place that cannot go unnoticed is Mount Wilhelm, the highest peak in this country and the continent (Oceania). This mountain is 4509 meters high and it belongs to the Bismarck mountain range.

Do you prefer a more beachy environment? Then plan a tour to Kimbe Bay, a large bay that reflects very well the natural beauty in Papua New Guinea. This bay stretches over the state of Western New Britain. Besides, at least 60% of the coral species in the continent live in this bay, so as you can guess, it offers a lot of opportunities to dive carefully (it is probably the most popular water sport).

Another place that you should visit in Papua New Guinea is Kokoda Track. It is a 96-kilometer-long-single-road that stretches through the Owen Stanley Range, and it is an excellent place to enjoy nature to the fullest and also learn about Papua New Guinea’s geography.

Be ready for your adventure in Papua New Guinea! With your eVisa, you'll have half the way ready!

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