Peru Travel Covid Test Details: Here are the details!

Peru Travel Covid Test Details: Here are the details!

iVisa | Updated on Jul 14, 2021

If you’re planning a trip to Peru, then you’ll be happy to know that from now on you can enter this country if you apply for the Peru Traveler's Health Affidavit. This is an online document that allows the Peruvian government to continue improving tourism in this country. As you can guess, Peru is ready to allow tourists into its territory step by step.

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It’s true that COVID-19 has made it very difficult to progress with tourism. Therefore, Peru launched the Traveler's Health Affidavit to allow different travelers to enter the territory by accepting all the necessary safety measures. This is why we suggest you read the information provided below to learn what Peru Travel Covid Test Details you need.

Keep in mind that you can apply for this document with’s online form, a third-party company that guarantees you a secure and quick process so that you can enter this heavenly destination very soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Peru Travelers Health Affidavit?

The Peru Traveler's Health Affidavit, also known as the Health Declaration, is a travel authorization that permits you to travel to Peru as long as you follow all the necessary COVID-19 Pandemic protocols. This Health Declaration allows the official authorities to have a better track of the entry of tourists into Peru and thus prevent the contagion of the disease caused by the COVID-19.

It’s important to mention that you’ll also have to follow other important rules according to what the Peruvian government indicates especially concerning the Peru Travel Covid Test Details

The Traveler's Health Affidavit was necessary to stop the spreading of the COVID-19, but it may be necessary for other occasions in the future, like natural disasters or border closures. The good thing is that this document is easy to obtain, especially if you use’s service which has an effortless 3-step method.

How can I check if I am available for the Travelers Health Affidavit?

You will need more than the Peru Travel Covid Test Details documents to travel to Peru depending on your nationality. In some cases, you also need a paper visa or an eVisa. To verify this information, we invite you to use’s Visa Checker Tool on the homepage.

Once there, just select your nationality in the drop-down menu and choose “Peru” as the destination. This way, you’ll immediately know if you’re eligible for the Traveler's Health Affidavit or if you need other documents to visit the country.

What are the documents needed to apply?

As you can see, the Traveler's Health Affidavit is pretty recent, but there’s information available about the requirements you need when applying with Just keep in mind that this information might change if you use another application system like an official government website or another third-party company. In that case, we suggest you review this information with them first.

Now, when you apply with you only need these documents:

  • A valid passport with a visible copy of the information page.
  • A valid email address to receive the document quickly.
  • A Paypal account or a debit/credit card to pay for the payment.

Please, remember that there are other requirements you’ll need when arriving at the airport, but these will be requested by the government. You can learn more about the Peru Travel Covid Test Details by continuing on.

What are the COVID-19 test requirements for entry into Peru?

Aside from the Traveler’s Health Declaration, you must present a COVID-19 PCR test result taken no more than 72 hours before departure OR an antigen test result taken within 24 hours of departure. Children under the age of 12 are exempt from testing requirements.

Also, keep in mind that the rapid diagnostic test offers reliable results in less than 10 minutes.

What are the processing times and prices?

The price for your Peru Traveler's Health Affidavit can vary according to your nationality, so you should consider that when applying. You should also consider that when you apply with you do it securely, and that's why never processes the travel document without your due authorization. You don't have to pay anything until you know the exact price of the document.

By knowing that, we can leave you this basic information about our 3 online processing options:

  • Standard Processing Option (USD 20.00 - 24 hours): this alternative is the most affordable because it isn’t so fast as the others.
  • Rush Processing Option (USD 35.00 - 4 hours): with this option, you’ll receive your document faster, but you’ll have to pay a higher price.
  • Super Rush Processing Option (USD 60.00 - 30 minutes): this is an excellent alternative if you’re in a hurry because you get your document the fastest way possible with

How can I apply with’s application form?

Something great about’s online form is that you don’t need to spend a lot of minutes filling in a long questionnaire because’s form is quite simple and the online process only has 3 steps:

  • The first step is to fill in the initial questionnaire with your basic information and choose your processing option.
  • The second step is to verify the spelling of the information you gave before and pay for your fees.
  • The third step is to upload and attach your documents to the form. Once you’re ready with that, you can click on ‘submit’.

After that, your job is done! Now it is time for to handle the hard part! You don’t have to go to any Peruvian embassy, so you won’t risk your health with the current COVID-19 pandemic, which is something necessary to avoid. If you want to start, click here.

Don’t forget to reach out to’s customer service center if you need assistance. They can help you with information about Peru Travel Covid Test Details and many other questions about traveling during a pandemic.

Is it safe to apply online with has a trustworthy and authorized online service, so you’ll obtain a valid health declaration to show to the Peruvian authorities. We remind you that we work as a third-party company, but we still offer safe and valid travel documents. Nonetheless, if you still feel unsure about it, then you can read these reviews with our customers' opinions.

Where can I get more information?

The Peru Traveler's Health Affidavit is very new, and that’s why you shouldn’t worry about having questions. If that’s your case, then remember that you can ask for help with our customer service. You can read other tips about traveling information on’s website as well.

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