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Azerbaijan Passport / Visa Photo Requirements and Size

iVisa | Updated on Oct 09, 2022

Having a working Azerbaijan passport requires you to use a particular kind of photo. When you're trying to find a photo that meets the standards, iVisa Photos is an excellent choice. We've helped thousands of people from Azerbaijan take effective passport photos, so we’re very familiar with how to do it properly and our service is highly convenient.

Then there’s iVisa.com website for those of you going abroad, which can tell you whether or not the country you’re traveling to requires a visa. If it does, you’ll want to know sooner rather than later, so you can get that out of the way and take the photos for it at the same time.

Photo Specs

  • Size of visa photo: 2 inches x 2 inches
  • Color: Color, not black and white
  • Head size and position: Full face and centrally aligned
  • Background: White
  • Smile: Neutral, do not smile
  • Eyes: Opened
  • Glasses: Only daily wearing glasses
  • Headgear: None
  • Quantity needed: Two (2)

Azerbaijan Passport Photo Size Requirements Guide

azerbaijan passport photo requirement and size

The Azerbaijan Passport Photo and Visa Photo Requirements, Rules, Guidelines, and specifications

The Azerbaijan Tourist Visa´s requirements has to be met to have your visa application approved. You need to submit not only a visa application form but also photos, medical insurance certificates etc.

See notes regarding your photo:

  • Should have a white background
  • Face should be in the middle of the photograph
  • Size: 2 inches x 2 inches
  • Must be a recent photo
  • No headgear
  • If you plan to use glasses then you should avoid glares on its lenses
  • You need two (2) photographs

Rules and requirements for babies, infants, and newborns Passport and Visa photos

Azerbaijan requires visa for children as well as adults and all who wish to apply need to submit photographs. This means that even your child will need to submit a photograph with their visa application.

Check these tips if you need to take a photo for a baby.

  • Baby's eyes should be open.
  • Background needs to be white
  • if the baby is too small to lay down or sit up, then you can take the baby and put take its photo in their car seat

Price and Cost

iVisa Photos prices are competitive. We offer delivery options via mail to your home or in store pickup at a CVS, Walgreens or a Walmart store.

How to get the Azerbaijan Visa Photographs Online with iVisa Photos? You can use our iVisa Photos app with a smartphone or tablet:

Download it here: iOS here, Android here.

Tips to take a good quality photo:

  • White background is a must
  • Keep your face centered in the photograph
  • Do not smile or frown too much, keep a neutral face

What you need to know before getting started:

  • It will take a few minutes to take a photo with the app
  • Select the country where you will use the photo at the beginning of the app
  • Use a smartphone or tablet with the app
  • Download the image afterwards, have it mailed to your house or select next day pickup at a WalMart store, CVS pharmacy or a Walgreens if you live in the US.

In addition to visa photos, you can also take a passport photo with the app. Select passport under “Photo Type”. Get the visa or passport photo with the iVisa Photos app and start planning your trip to Azerbaijan.


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