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Italy Visa Photo Requirements

iVisa | Updated on Sep 08, 2022

If you are ready to apply for the Italy visa, you can’t forget about the Italy visa photo. Currently, we can offer the iVisa.com Photo service. It will bring you the visa photo with a simple process. Connect to the Internet and get your Italy visa photo through a digital process. Our fees are below the market prices, and they include an exclusive photo review. Our experts will check that your visa photo follows the Italy Visa photo requirements.

The iVisa.com Photo service is waiting for you! We know all about the Italy Visa photo requirements. Finish the Italy visa process on a great note! Let us help you with the Italy visa photo.

How does the digital process work?

We have set up suitable measures to acquire Italy visa photos. Check them out!

  • Go to our main page and select the type of photo you need. Choose the visa type.
  • Review the photo size for the Italy visa photo. In this case, the dimensions are 3.50cm x 4.50cm.

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  • Select between a Print or Digital format.

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  • Submit your photo according to our guidelines.
  • Our team is ready to check if your visa photo meets the Italy Visa photo requirements.
  • For travelers with the printed version, they need to confirm whether they want home delivery or the pick-up alternative. If you choose the digital format, receive the visa photo electronically.
  • Pay for the professional service with a credit/debit card or a Paypal account. The iVisa.com Photo service is the photo process you have been waiting for! We follow the Italy Visa photo requirements!

What are the Italy visa photo requirements?

  • Check the space where you want to take the photo.
  • Go to the center of the frame and show your full face to the camera.
  • Review the Italy visa dimensions.
  • Print the visa photo according to our instructions.

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Get started. We have all the tools to help you with the Italy Visa photo requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the visa photos?

Easy! Introduce your current location on the application page. After that, we will display all the services available to receive visa photos.

For people located in the United States, we can offer the following:

  • Digital Photos: receive an email from us with your Italy visa photos.
  • Printed Photos: if you want to receive the printed photos in the comfort of your home, expect them in just 2 to 4 days. For the store pick-up option, go to the nearest CVS or Walgreens.

For travelers in Europe or Canada, we have two options. Select the home delivery, and we will arrange to send your photos to your doorstep. In case you want them in digital format, we can send them in an email.

If your location is different from the ones mentioned, receive the digital photo in your email inbox.

Keep learning all about the Italy Visa photo requirements with our iVisa.com Photo service. Let us help you with your photo process!

What is the price of the Italy Visa photo service?

Our prices are so competitive you won’t be leaving your home until you complete our service. Pay USD 5.95 and obtain the digital version of the Italy visa photo. This price includes a unique photo review. We will check your photo and confirm it’s 100% compliant with the Cambodian authorities’ guidelines. Get the visa photos for your whole family without making a trip to the photo booth!

Travelers located in the United States can receive two printed photos for just USD 9.45. We have already included shipping in this fee! For more alternatives, go to the application page and choose the option that better fits your needs. If your location isn’t the US, don’t worry. Select the country where you are and check the final prices for the services available!

The iVisa.com Photo service is here to help you with your photo needs! We have the expertise you want!

Our team can support you with the Italy Visa photo requirements! Start the visa photo process! Let our platform handle your Italy visa photo. Our simple process is suitable for your travel requirement!

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