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Niger Passport/Visa Photo Requirements and Size

Niger Passport/Visa Photo Requirements and Size
iVisa | Updated on Sep 13, 2022

Many things must be considered when you want to travel internationally, and one of them is your passport. If you already have one, you are good. If not, then you have to obtain one from the issuing authority in Niger. What [iVisa Photos] can help you with during the application process is the required passport photos. You will need two of them to get a Niger passport, and [iVisa Photos] can assist you in taking them from home. That way, you do not have to go to a photo studio.

iVisa.com may also be of service to you. Depending on where you want to travel, you might be eligible for an electronic visa, in which case iVisa can facilitate the online application process for you.

Photo specs

The general Niger passport photo requirements are listed down below.

  • Required photo size: 45 mm in height and 35 mm in width
  • The photo must be in color
  • Head position: keep your head straight
  • Must not be older than 6 months
  • Background: white
  • Smile: no
  • Eyes: clearly visible
  • Do not submit a blurry passport photo
  • Glasses: acceptable in certain circumstances
  • Headwear: not allowed. Exceptions are made for religious purposes
  • Resolution (pixels): at least 600 dpi
  • Dress code: clothes must be in contrast with the background. Do not wear a white shirt
  • Beard: permitted if it represents your everyday appearance
  • Number of photos necessary: 2

Niger Passport Photo Size Requirements Guide

niger passport photo requirement and size

Niger Passport Photos and Visa Photo Requirements – Rules, Guidelines, and Specifications

Taking your passport photo at home is not a complicated task. All you have to do is to follow a few guidelines. Please note that failure to produce an adequate passport photo is one of the most common causes of rejection. Still, as long as you follow the rules we listed below, you are in the clear.

  • As we already stated above, the background of your photo must be white. It should also be free of patterns or shadows, so make sure to position yourself ideally. Do not worry if you do not have a white wall against which you can take your picture. A white sheet hung on a wall will work just as fine if it is not see-through.
  • When you position yourself for the picture, make sure that the light source is in front of you. That is the ideal way to avoid shadows on your face. Make sure that the intensity is not too low or too high, either.
  • You have to keep your head straight for the passport photo or visa photo. Do not move it in any direction. Portrait-style photos are rejected.
  • In your passport photo or visa photo, you cannot appear with a smile on your face. Nor can you make any other facial expressions other than neutral. To achieve the best result, relax your face when you take the picture.
  • One of the most essential aspects you must consider is that your eyes have to be perfectly visible. If the frames of your glasses are too large, you are required to take them off. Sunglasses and eyeglasses with tinted lenses are forbidden in a passport photo or visa photo.
  • Headwear is acceptable, but only if your religion dictates that you cover your head at all times. No other exceptions are made. However, if you do have headwear, make sure that your face is visible from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin and from ear to ear. The headwear should not cast a shadow on your face, either.
  • You do not have to shave your beard is you usually have one. The point of the passport photo is to reflect your everyday appearance.

Rules and Requirements for Babies, Infants, and Newborn Passport and Visa Photos

Since children need their individual travel documents, you are going to have to take their pictures too. You should know that the difference between an adult’s passport photo and a child’s passport photo is not significant. Nevertheless, a child’s head can take less space in the picture. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Take your child’s passport photo or visa photo when he/she is awake. The eyes must be seeable.
  • If you have a baby, please remove his/her pacifier and headwear before taking the photo.
  • Only the child can appear in the picture. So, if you want to hold your child during the photo session, not even your hands can appear in the shot. It’s important to remember that.
  • If you wish to place the baby in a car seat to take the picture, remember to cover the backrest with a white layer. The background has to be white for kids too.
  • Placing the baby on his/her back to take the passport photo from above means that you have to put a white sheet underneath.

Price and Cost

What you will notice when you get your passport photos online with [iVisa Photos] is that you will spend less than if you would go to a photo studio. For a Niger passport, you are required to submit 2 (two) photos, and [iVisa Photos] can give them to you for only $5.99. That is the approximate equivalent of 3,614 XOF.

How to get Niger Passport Photos or Niger Visa Photos Online

Now that you have all the information you need, we will instruct you on what you have to do to get your passport photos with [iVisa Photos]. All you need is a camera with a decent resolution and a couple of minutes of your time.

Using the camera, take your picture. But please remember to follow all the rules and guidelines we discussed above. Once you have a photo that you love, you have to submit it to [iVisa Photos] via e-mail or directly on our website. After we receive it, we will process it so that you end up with government-compliant passport photos. Right after that, we will give you two choices. You can either download the image to print the photos yourself, in which case you need photo-quality paper. The other option requires you to provide us with your address, and we will ensure that the pictures reach you as soon as possible. It is as simple as that.

If you feel like you need more information, do not hesitate to contact [iVisa Photos]’ customer support.


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