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Cambodia Visa photo requirements

Cambodia Visa photo requirements
iVisa | Updated on Mar 07, 2021

Acquiring a Cambodia Visa photo is so simple with the iVisa.com Photo service. We offer an online process that includes an expert photo review. In other words, you will be sure your visa photo follows the Cambodia visa photo requirements. From the comfort of your home, you can obtain the visa photo for you and your whole family at the most competitive prices. We have a full service that can’t compare to a photo booth or drugstore.

It’s time to choose the iVisa.com Photo service! We can help you with the Cambodia Visa photo requirements. We are ready for your next trip to Cambodia!

How does the online process work?

The online process is simple. Make sure to follow these guidelines for the perfect Cambodia visa photo.

  • Select the photo that you want. In this case, go for the visa alternative.
  • Check the size requirements for the Cambodia visa photo. The dimensions are 6.00cm x 4.00cm.

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  • Choose the Print or Digital format.

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  • Take your picture showing your full face.
  • Our experts will check your visa photo according to the Cambodia Visa photo requirements.
  • If you have chosen the printed version, select the home delivery or pick-up. In the case of digital format, we will send you an email with the Cambodia visa photo.
  • Pay with a credit/debit card or a Paypal account. The iVisa.com Photo service has the best solution for your Cambodia visa photo. We follow the Cambodia Visa photo requirements!

What are the Cambodia visa photo requirements?

Taking a photo is not difficult. however, we want you to have the perfect snapshot, so follow these lines:

  • Set up a clear background and suitable lighting.
  • Place yourself in the middle of the frame and take the photo.
  • Check the size requirements.
  • Purchase photo paper and print your Cambodia visa photo.

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Get started with your photo process. We can support you with the Cambodia Visa photo requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the visa photos?

It will depend on your current location. Our service is available in different formats that we have displayed below:

Travelers located in the United States can have these services:

  • Digital Photos: obtain the visa photos electronically. Make sure to provide a valid email address.
  • Printed Photos: select the home delivery, and the visa photos will arrive in 2 to 4 days. If you choose the pick-up alternative, then select the nearest CVS or Walgreens.

In case you are located in Europe or Canada, we can also send you the printed and digital formats. For printed versions, we have available the home delivery alternative. For the digital photo, we will send an email with the Cambodia visa photo.

For the rest of the world, we only offer digital photos. Therefore, we recommend providing a valid email address.

Continue this journey and check the Cambodia Visa photo requirements. Our iVisa.com Photo service can help you with your photo requirement! We have full details for your photo request. Go for iVisa.com Photo now!

What is the price of the Cambodia Visa photo service?

Pay the minimum price of USD 5.95 and you’ll not only get the visa photo but a full service with an expert review. We will confirm that your Cambodia visa photo is 100% compliant with the Cambodian government regulations. Don’t hesitate to choose us over a photo booth or drugstore. We know we have the best service!

If you are in the US, you only need to pay USD 9.45 for two copies and free shipping. In case you need more printed photos, then go to the application page and explore all your options. We have displayed all the details about the store pick-up, as well. Besides, select your current location if you want to know the final prices for our services.

The iVisa.com Photo service is the perfect solution for your visa photo requirement. We have everything you need for your next trip to Cambodia!

We know all the details about the Cambodia Visa photo requirements! Start the visa photo process now! We have all the tools to help you! Trust our platform and travel to Cambodia soon!

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