China Visa Photo Requirements
iVisa | Updated on Mar 06, 2021

We are sure you are excited to obtain that desirable Chinese visa, but finding out you also need a visa photo may complicate your plans. Don’t worry! The Photo service is here to help you! Travelers only need to go through an online process to get a China Visa photo. Our service includes a photo review, which means you will be 100% sure that your visa photo complies with the China Visa photo requirements. Besides, these visa photos are the cheapest on the market!

Go for the Photo service now and receive your visa photos soon! Try it now.

How does the digital process work?

It’s simple! Follow these steps to acquire the China visa photo:

  • Choose the type of photo you need. In this case, the visa one.
  • After you select China as the country you need the visa photo for, we will show you the dimensions you must meet. These are 4.80cm x 3.30cm.

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  • Select a Print version or a Digital format.
  • Following the China Visa photo requirements, take a picture of your face.
  • We will receive your visa photo and confirm it is suitable for the Chinese government regulations.
  • Choose a delivery method. If you want the printed version, we can offer home delivery or a store pick-up option. Also, we can send the digital format to your email inbox.

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  • Pay with a credit/debit card or use a Paypal account. We can assure you that our platform is safe for online payments.

Choose now our Photo service! We have the right expertise to help you with the China Visa photo requirements!

What are the China visa photo requirements?

If you want to comply with Chinese dispositions for your visa photo, make sure to take into consideration these recommendations:

  • Before taking the snapshot, set up a good background and lighting.
  • Place yourself in the middle with a clear view of your face.
  • Review the size requirements.
  • Print the visa photo in high-quality photo paper.

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Obtain the China Visa photo now! We can help you with the China Visa photo requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Photo send the print and digital photos?

We have different alternatives that will depend on your current location. For travelers who are applying from the United States, they can choose from the following:

  • Digital Photos: after completing our simple steps, they will receive the China visa photo in their email inbox.
  • Printed Photos: for the home delivery alternative, applicants must wait between 2 to 4 days to receive the visa photo on their doorstep. Also, they can select the store pick-up option. Head to the nearest CVS or Walgreens to pick up your visa photo.

If you aren’t in the US, but you are located in Europe or Canada, we have two options. Go for the digital version and receive the China visa photo in your email inbox, or select the home delivery alternative for the printed format.

For travelers in other parts of the world, they can simply choose the digital format for the China visa photo.

We know how to comply with all the China Visa photo requirements! We have made it so simple to take a visa photo that you won’t be disappointed when using our Photo service!

What is the cost of the China Visa photo service?

We charge a minimum fee that includes a photo review to give you the confidence that your photo is correct for Chinese standards. Pay USD 5.95 for the digital visa photo service. Receive the digital photos in your email inbox as we will send them as soon as we confirm that they are 100% compliant with Chinese government regulations.

For the printed version options, prices could vary according to your location. In the case of people living in the United States, they can pay USD 9.45 for two printed visa photos with the delivery included. Dive into the application page and check the prices for more printed visa photos. Choose the Photo service and travel to China soon!

We know the Photo service is right for you as we have all the details about the China Visa photo requirements! Apply now.

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