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Create a Green Card Photo with iVisa Photos

Create a Green Card Photo with iVisa Photos
iVisa | Updated on Oct 10, 2022

Whether you are an immigrant living in the USA now or you are hoping to move in the future, applying for your Green Card is a significant step. It's a big statement that you intend to live and work permanently in the country, perhaps with the eventual goal of becoming a naturalized citizen. While Green Cards can be issued as a result of family relations, marriage, and more, many others choose to enter the annual Diversity Lottery. Tens of thousands of Green Cards become available through this random lottery each year. If it's your application that comes up, you'll want it to be perfect. That means having the right kind of picture to accompany all the correct documentation.

Getting the picture right for the DV lottery isn't always a walk in the park. One quick look at the requirements can tell you that. Images must be of a particular resolution, in the correct format, and under a specified file size of about 240 kilobytes — and that's before you even look at the requirements for how you must appear in the photograph! While you could find a photographer and travel to have pictures taken, that can be expensive and time-consuming. You have less control over the final photo, too. With iVisa Photos, though, all that complexity reduces down to one simple and easy to follow process. It's easy to prepare your DV lottery application with a photo from iVisa Photos!

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How does iVisa Photos help you create a Green Card picture?

There are three main steps to using iVisa Photos to create a compliant 2x2 Green Card photograph. First, use any device you like to take a photo. We provide you with plenty of helpful tips on how to make this picture as close to compliant as possible. For example, you should be directly facing the camera, not too close but not too far away. Keep your head upright and hold it steady, looking directly towards the camera.

Resist the urge to smile like you're taking a selfie for social media; neutral expressions are an absolute MUST for Green Card pictures! An inappropriate expression, even a smile, can result in non-compliance. Avoid headwear (except for religious coverings), remove your glasses, and try to find a white background if possible. Once you've snapped a few pictures that look good, you can come to iVisa Photos and upload your photo to our website; that's step two. You can also choose to use our smartphone app instead for a seamless experience. Whether you use your smartphone or a digital camera, we'll ensure the right kind of file comes back to you at the end.

During this step, we'll automatically evaluate your photo to determine whether or not it meets the Green Card criteria. If you fail any of these checks, we'll flag it as a problem and let you know. This allows you the chance to retake the photo or adjust it yourself. However, if you do not wish to do so (or if you lack the ability), you can request help from one of our professional image editors. For an additional fee, we can undertake all the necessary tweaks — such as whitening the background — to make the perfect portrait.

Step three is payment and confirmation; at this point, you can be reasonably confident you'll receive the ideal picture in return. We have many options, such as in-store pickup (if living in the USA already) as well as international delivery. Please permit one to two weeks for international shipment.

How an iVisa Photos photo meets the requirements?

All Green Card pictures created for our customers comes with iVisa Photos's 100% government compliance guarantee. What does that mean, exactly? Simply put, it means that we promise your photo will be acceptable or we will replace it for you with one that is appropriate. As long as you carefully follow the directions and tips provided to you during the photo-taking phase, our customers should always have a compliant file in hand. If the mistake is ours, we'll fix it. We'll even ship the do-over to you for free (first resend only).

How can we provide this guarantee? Our algorithmic checks have been fine-tuned to know just what to look for in an image for a Green Card. We've incorporated the official requirements right into how we check your picture. That's how iVisa Photos can tell you when there's an issue you need to correct, such as a poor expression or being too close to the camera. This is our primary line of defense against defects that tend to cause rejection.

If you find it's a struggle to get the photo just right without failing a check, don't fret. Just remember that you can request help from our staff. Our professional team has extensive experience with image editing. We'll make the necessary changes to ensure compliance, or let you know that we need a better picture to edit. Our goal is a fast and smooth Green Card and DV Lottery application process for all our customers.

When we finalize the image for download, it will be in the correct file type (JPEG). We can also provide high quality prints; the choice is yours. Regardless, they will now meet all the necessary standards for the lottery.

Begin the process of perfecting your picture today

So that's all there is to it — whether you use our website or the iVisa Photos app, you're sure to have an easy time taking the photos you need to accompany your application to the DV lottery. With our 100% compliance guarantee and safeguards in place to ensure you can check the validity of your image, you can put your application forward with peace of mind.

Nothing is as frustrating as having an application rejected because of an invalid photograph. Why struggle with the process when iVisa Photos makes it so easy to complete everything right at home? With prices starting at just $3.99 for one photo and affordable rates for our professional assistance, you can take the first steps today. Just click our "Take Photo Now" button to begin. Good luck with your lottery application!

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