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Netherlands Visa Photo Requirements

Netherlands Visa Photo Requirements
iVisa | Updated on Mar 08, 2023

Travelers eligible to apply for the Netherlands visa need to have the visa photo right on time. Therefore, you must choose the iVisa.com Photo service and acquire the Netherlands Visa photo with a digital process. Apart from only needing an Internet connection, we offer an expert photo review. Our team will make sure your visa photo is compliant with the Netherlands Visa photo requirements. Besides, with our service, you will pay as little as USD 0.99 per photo. Incredible, right?

The iVisa.com Photo service is the perfect choice for your Netherlands visa photo. We can help you with the Netherlands Visa photo requirements.

How does the digital process work?

The process is simple. We have established all the steps to have the Netherlands visa photo with us.

  • Choose the photo that you want. In this case, go for the visa one.
  • Check the right dimensions for your Netherlands visa photo. The dimensions are 4.50cm x 3.50cm.

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  • Select whether you need a Print or Digital format.

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  • Following our instructions, take the picture.
  • Our expert team will review your photo and assure you it follows the Netherlands Visa photo requirements.
  • In order to receive the printed version, you need to choose between home delivery or the pick-up alternative. For digital photos, expect an email with the visa photos.
  • Pay with a credit/debit card or a Paypal account. The iVisa.com Photo service will make your visa photo process so easy! We can help you with the Netherlands Visa photo requirements!

What are the Netherlands visa photo requirements?

We want you to have the perfect snapshot. Therefore, we have these measures for you.

  • Set up a background and suitable lighting for the picture.
  • Head to the middle of the photo and show your facial features.
  • Check the size for the Italy visa photo.
  • Print the visa photo, and you are set to go!

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Start the process now. We have all the knowledge about the Netherlands Visa photo requirements!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the visa photos?

According to your location, the printed format could also be accessible to you. The digital format is available worldwide.

Travelers located in the United States have these alternatives for getting the Netherlands Visa photo:

  • Digital Photos: our team will send an email with your Netherlands visa photos.
  • Printed Photos: select between home delivery or store pick-up alternatives. The printed photo will arrive at your doorsteps in 2 to 4 days. For the second alternative, head to the closest Walgreens or CVS and request your Netherlands visa photo.

People located in Europe or Canada have the chance to acquire the print and digital formats. However, for the printed version, they can only request the home delivery option. In the case of the digital format, we will send the visa photo electronically.

If your current location is different, we will make sure to send the digital photos to your email address.

Continue reading about the Netherlands Visa photo requirements with our iVisa.com Photo service. Trust our service, and we will help you all the way!

What is the price of the Netherlands Visa photo service?

Our low fees include an expert photo review, who will confirm you are 100% compliant with the Netherlands Visa photo requirements. Your visa process will be as smooth as possible! Pay the minimum price of USD 5.95 for the digital visa photos. From the comfort of your home, take your photo, and continue the visa process to travel to the Netherlands.

If you are in the United States, we will charge the competitive price of USD 9.45 for two copies and shipping. Travelers can request more or less than two copies. Check these alternatives on the application page. For travelers in other countries, select your country and confirm what services are available.

The iVisa.com Photo service is a complete process that will make your next trip to the Netherlands so much easier!

We have all the information about the Netherlands Visa photo requirements! Start the visa photo process! Don’t worry about anything! We will help you right away!