Poland (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of Bahrain

Poland (Schengen) Visa for Citizens of Bahrain

iVisa | Updated on Feb 27, 2020

Poland has been a member of the Schengen Zone since 2007. It is one of the largest countries in Europe and is well known for its delicious food.


Citizens of Bahrain who are visiting the Schengen Zone and entering through Poland will need to obtain a Poland (Schengen) visa. The Poland (Schengen) visa is currently not offered as an e-visa but iVisa is here to help you with the application process!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the document requirements for this visa?

The Poland visa for citizens of Bahrain will require that you provide several documents when you visit the embassy for the interview portion of the application process. The documents you will need are as follows:

  • A printed out copy of your completed application
  • Printed confirmation of your scheduled interview appointment.
  • Current valid passport.
  • 2 recent photos. Photos must be taken with a white background and can have no obstructions (glasses, hats, etc.) covering your face or ears. Additionally, the photos cannot be more than 6 months old and must be 5x5 inches.
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months to show that you have more than enough money to cover the expenses of your trip (unless you are being sponsored by a company/institution).
  • Accommodation details (hotel reservation or invitation letter).
  • Medical insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros.

How long will I be able to stay in Schengen with this visa?

The Schengen visa is available for a variety of stays. How long you are able to stay is dependent on the type of visa that you are awarded upon final approval of your application.

When does The Poland (Schengen) Visa expire?

When your visa expires is dependent on the type of visa that you have and the nature of your travel period.

what is the 90/180 rule?

The 90/180 rule applies to all short-term Schengen visas. This rule states that visits to Schengen may not exceed 90 days within a total of 180 days. This rule does not have specific periods of 180 days; instead, the 180 days are a rolling count. This means that if you are planning a return trip to Schengen, you only need to count the past 180 days.

How early can I submit my application?

You are allowed to submit your application up to 6 months before your anticipated arrival date.

When should I submit my application?

You should file your application at least 3 weeks before you expect to arrive in Poland. The bare minimum for submitting your application is 15 days.

How long is the interview portion of the application process?

Your interview at the embassy will last about 10 to 15 minutes. When you arrive at the embassy, you will need to have a printed copy of your application and the required documents, and you'll need to submit biometrics, which will be taken digitally.

Is this visa eligible for extensions?

If you are applying for a short term visa, extensions granted cannot exceed the parameters of the 90/180 rule. Exceptions can be made for specific and urgent reasons.

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