Poland Schengen Visa for Citizens of Iraq

Poland Schengen Visa for Citizens of Iraq

iVisa | Updated on Mar 20, 2022

Iraqi citizens who plan to travel to Europe should consider the Poland Schengen Visa. You can fly into Poland and then explore over 20 other countries that reside in the Schengen area. The process is involved, but as long as you have the right information, you should have no issue getting a visa.


The Schengen visa opens up the possibilities of your trip and will give you access to multiple countries to visit while you vacation, do business, or go to school in Europe.

Poland Schengen Visa: Information and Requirements

What type of general documentation do I need to apply for a Poland Schengen Visa?

Any traveler wanting to apply for and obtain a Poland Schengen Visa will need at least the following information:

  • Personal Information - You’ll need your basic information like name, address, and contact information.
  • Valid Passport Bio Page - Your passport must be valid for 3 months after your return date from Poland. You’ll also need to have two blank passport pages for stamping purposes.
  • Financial Subsistence - How much money are you bringing with you? You have to prove that you are able to support yourself financially during your trip.
  • Cover Letter - Show the reason why you are entering Poland and what business or tourism you will be conducting.
  • Medical Insurance - When traveling to the Schengen Area, foreign nationals will need a travel medical insurance policy with 30,000 € coverage at least.
  • Flight Itinerary - You can use your flight reservation sheet to show when you will be exiting Poland.
  • Passport Photos - You’ll need extra passport photos to attach to your visa application for Poland. Make sure they have a solid, light background and that your entire face is showing.

If I am going to Poland and the Schengen area for business, what else do I need to produce for the application?

If you are traveling to Poland or the Schengen Area for business purposes, you will need to also supply the following with your visa application:

  • Business Purpose Certificate - Speak to the Polish company that you are working with to get a proper certificate.
  • Business Organizational Papers - How is your company and the Polish company related?
  • Invitation Letter - Make sure the Polish company you plan to work with supplies a cover letter with detailed contact information and the reasons why you are coming to Poland to conduct business. If you are being hosted by the company, provide detailed information about your accommodations in the invitation letter as well. Provide original contracts that show the articles of organization/association and any business licenses that are also related to your joint business venture.
  • Prior Trade Deals - Have you conducted trade with this company before? Bring documentation showing previous business relations.
  • Half-Year Financial Report - Show the past 6 months of your business finances.

Is Poland the only country in the Schengen Area I can fly into with this visa?

Yes. You must enter and exit Europe by way of Poland. If Poland is not your main destination, you may consider getting a different Schengen visa where you would fly in and out of a different Schengen member country, like Germany.

The Poland Schengen Visa does allow you to travel around the Schengen area once you have arrived in Poland.

What types of Poland Schengen Visas are there?

The Schengen visas come in a variety of types like education, commerce, and vacation visas.

All of these visas have different requirements and different subtypes. Some of them allow a varying entry allotments like a single-entry visa versus a double- or multiple-entry visa, which allows for multiple entries into Poland and the Schengen Area.

How much will I have to pay to get this visa?

The visa cost can range from $40 USD to $90 USD (or 40 € to 80 €). Visa fees are subject to change per embassy/consulate and are also subject to change based on currency exchange rates.

Check with your embassy or consulate for the latest visa pricing information.

Application for the Poland Schengen Visa for Iraq Citizens

iVisa was created to help travelers with the visa and travel documentation process. Thousands of travelers have given us positive reviews. We can help you travel around the world with many countries providing an online application process.

Until we receive Polish agreeance on electronic visas, we are here to help Iraqi citizens in any way we can to get you travel with ease.

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