Poland Schengen Visa for Citizens of Pakistan

Poland Schengen Visa for Citizens of Pakistan

iVisa | Updated on Sep 20, 2021

With a Poland Schengen Visa, citizens of Pakistan will be allowed to travel to and from over 20 European countries during your visit. In 2007, Poland began to accept Schengen visa travelers in order to boost tourism in Europe.


You can use our Visa Checker Tool to consider flying into and out of other countries that also have a Schengen visa, like Germany. Either way, you will need to provide details about yourself and your travel plans in order to get through the application process.

Poland Schengen Visa: Information and Requirements

As a foreign student who will be studying in Poland, what else do I need to supply on the application?

You will need to provide proof of enrollment in the Polish university, proof of financial sustenance showing you can survive while attending university in Poland, as well as a No Objection Letter/Certificate from your university advisor or other qualified school officials.

I want to fly into a different country instead of Poland with the Schengen visa. Is this allowed?

If you specifically apply for a Poland Schengen Visa, then you will need to fly in and out of Poland. Otherwise, you can arrive in and leave from any other Schengen Area member state, but you will have to fill out the visa form for that specific country.

The Poland Schengen Visa does allow you to travel around the Schengen area once you have arrived in Poland.

Can you tell me the different types of Poland Schengen visas?

There are many types of visas. Many people are looking to get a tourist visa, transit visa, student visa, or a business visa.

All of these visas have different requirements and different subtypes. Some of them allow for varying entry allotments like a single entry visa versus a double entry or multiple entry visa which allows for multiple entries in Poland and the Schengen Area.

If I am going to Poland and the Schengen area for business, what else do I need to have for my application and entry?

If you are traveling to Poland or the Schengen Area for business purposes, you will need to also supply the following with your visa application:

  • Articles of Organization for the Business Entity - How is your company and the Polish company related? Provide original contracts that show the articles of organization/association and any business licenses that are also related to your joint business venture.
  • Letter or Certificate of Invitation - Make sure the Polish company you plan to work with supplies a cover letter with detailed contact information and the reasons why you are coming to Poland to conduct business. If the business is planning to pay for your accommodations and travel during the trip, provide detailed information about how the Polish business will supply this financial support.
  • Polish Business Certificate Information - Ask your Polish business company officials to get you the right certification information for your application.
  • Any Previous Trade Arrangements - Have you conducted trade with this company before? Bring documentation showing previous business relations.
  • Financial Report for 6 Months - Show the past 6 months of your business finances.

Poland Schengen Visa Application - Basic Information

No matter your reason, you’ll need the basic information below:

  • Passport Photos - Get extra passport photos to attach to your visa application for Poland. Make sure they have a solid, light background and that your entire face is showing.
  • Medical Coverage for International Travel - You’ll need an insurance policy for international travel that provides a minimum coverage of 30,000 €.
  • Flight Entry/Exit Plans - Show confirmation of your entry and exit dates and travel times. If you will be staying for a while in a separate country than Poland, you may need to supply those plans also.
  • Financial Stability - How will you financially take care of yourself while in Europe? Show this to visa and border officials as requested.
  • Personal Information - All Schengen Area application forms will require your personal information like your state of residence and contact information.
  • Valid Passport Bio Page - Your passport must be valid for 3 months after your return date from Poland. You’ll also need to have two blank passport pages for stamping purposes.
  • Cover Letter or Letter of Intent - Show the reason why you are entering Poland and what business or tourism you will be conducting.

What are the costs associated with getting a Schengen visa for Poland?

Children under 6 years of age are usually free and don’t require payment for their visas. Children 6 years and older and all adults will have to pay for a visa. Poland Schengen Visas can vary in price but usually range from $40 USD to $90 USD (or 40 € to 80 €). Visa fees are subject to change per embassy/consulate and also are subject to change based on currency exchange rates.

Application for the Poland Schengen Visa for Pakistan Citizens

The visa process is very detailed when it comes to flying in Poland as a foreign citizen, including Pakistani residents. So, let us help you find out the information you need to finish your visa application as well as to travel around Europe once you arrive.

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