The Poland Schengen Visa for Citizens of Democratic Republic of Congo

The Poland Schengen Visa for Citizens of Democratic Republic of Congo

iVisa | Updated on Feb 27, 2020

the Poland Schengen visa is available to those who do not qualify for visa free travel into the Schengen zone. If you are a citizen of the Democratic Republic of Congo, you fall into this category. Currently, Poland does not accept visa applications online. Applications must be submitted at the Polish embassy in your country.


Frequently Asked Questions

What specific documentation will I be required to submit with my application?

When you submit your application, you will do so at an embassy. To file your application, you will need to first set up an appointment at the embassy, or with the consulate if there is not a Polish embassy near you. When you arrive for the appointment, you will submit your application along with the following documents:

  • Printed confirmation of your scheduled interview appointment.
  • Current valid passport.
  • 2 recent photos. Photos must be taken with a white background and can have no obstructions (glasses, hats, etc.) covering your face or ears. Additionally, the photos cannot be more than 6 months old and must be 5x5 inches.
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months to show that you have more than enough money to cover the expenses of your trip (unless you are being sponsored by a company/institution).
  • Accommodation details (hotel reservation or invitation letter).
  • Medical insurance with a minimum coverage of 30,000 Euros.

Please Note that your application will be emailed to you from us and you will need to bring a printed copy of it with you. Electronic copies are not accepted for the Poland (Schengen) visa.

If my children are traveling with me, do they need their own applications?

Yes Every individual person who is traveling to the Schengen area is required to submit an application separate from those they are traveling with.

Does this visa allow multiple entry?

There are many different visa types that you can apply for, some of which are multiple entry and some of which are single entry only. The purpose you state on your application for visiting Poland will help discern the type of visa that best suits your needs.

Will I get a refund for my application fee if my application is rejected?

No. Application fees are handled by the embassy or consulate that you file your application with. These application fees are nonrefundable. Additionally, any fees paid do not guarantee that your application will be approved.

How early can I submit my application?

The earliest that you are able to submit your application is 6 months before your arrival date. It is recommended that you file your application at least 3 weeks before you are due to arrive in Poland.

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