Best Laser Tag Sets

Best Laser Tag Sets

iVisa | Updated on Nov 13, 2020

Laser tag is a shooting sport where participants use infrared light guns to tag their targets. Everybody wears sensitive signal devices to register hits. The best part of this sport or recreational activity is that even kids can play, so it’s ideal for the entire family since there’s no real danger of harm, like when playing paintball.

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There are a lot of laser tag fields where you can go if you’re looking for a more “combat style” kind of environment, but you can actually play in your garden, a park or wherever there’s space enough for you to run around, hide and have an awesome time. There are also different gear, so we’ve created a list of the best laser tag sets online. Let’s have some fun!


Cost: $199.99 (as of 08/07/2020 15:21 EST- Details*)

ArmoGear has developed a laser tag set that presents high-tech target vests and a patented stealth mode.

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Performing within a wide range of 150ft, the set features:

  • Target vests
  • Invisibility mode
  • Night vision flashlight
  • Voice-guided directions
  • 150 Ft shooting range
  • Up to 4 teams can play
  • Power options: pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket
  • Laser blasters are designed with a solid grip in your hand
  • 100% SAFE, using child safety infrared signal emission - 0.9mw.
  • Immersive gameplay feeling thanks to tactile vibrations and lifelike shooting sounds
  • Each blaster and each vest uses 3 AAA batteries for a total of 24 batteries for the whole set
  • Full money-back guarantee

Get them as a gift for a friend, family, or for yourself, and you’ll be bringing a lot of joy to everybody. People can’t resist the fun this set offer, so adults and kids will be playing together for hours.


Cost: $59.99 (as of 08/07/2020 15:21 EST- Details*)

This set is simpler to use since the guns have a built-in receiver, making them a 2-in-1 gun set. You can still pick between 4 different modes and the set comes with four guns changing into 4 colors blue, red, green, and white to select the teams.

Fill me in Photo by KidzLazane.

This Kidzlane laser tag guns set of 4 offers:

  • 4-team color selection: green, red, blue or white
  • 4 Gun Settings: pistol, shotgun, submachine gun and rocket
  • Lights up and vibrate when shooting or hit
  • 130ft striking distance
  • Each gun mode comes with a different range of life bars
  • Child Safety Infrared Signal Emission that is less than 1mW

This set uses 4AA batteries on each blaster, and according to some reviews, the battery last quite longer than expected, but since this depend on how often you use the set and the quality of the battery, it would be perfect if you get rechargeable ones and save yourself some money buying packages of batteries for years.


Cost: $85.99 (as of 08/07/2020 15:21 EST- Details*)

Made with non-toxic ABS plastic and a safe infrared signal emission 100% safe by all USA regulations, Play22 provides a safe toy for kids to play and have a great time around the house.

Fill me in Photo by Play22.

The set, that includes 4 vests and 4 guns, also comes with:

  • 4 color of lights indicating teams: blue, red, green, white
  • 4 Gun Types: Pistol: With 12 Bullets, Shotgun: with 6 bullets, Machine gun: with 6 bullets, and Rocket launcher: with 1 missile
  • Realistic vibrations every time you hit or get hit
  • Strikes distance of approximately 130 Feet
  • Requires 28 AA batteries (Not included)
  • You can add multiple players by purchasing another set

Each gun type has a certain amount of bullets to reduce points. For the Pistol, there are 12 bullets that reduce 1-point life value if hit. The shotgun comes with 6 bullets, reducing 2 point-life value. Machine gun reduces 2-point life with its 6 bullets, and the Rocket launcher, with just 1 missile, reduces 3 points. Join your kids, or have your own only adult’s battle, either way you’ll have an incredible time laughing, hiding, and running.


Cost: $64.99 (as of 08/07/2020 15:21 EST- Details*)

Armorgear makes it back on the list, this time with a set of two, which you can get as an addition to a previous set of 4 if you want to add more players to your game, or just have it as a one set only.

Fill me in Photo by ArmoGear.

Just as the set of 4, this set includes the same cool functions, but we’ll explain more about them in this opportunity:

  • Guns can also act as receivers, meaning that you can play without the vests
  • You can turn off your light to hide your location with the invisible mode
  • Night vision flashlight helps you find your opponent in the dark
  • Voice-guided directions to lead you through the game
  • 150ft shooting range indoors and outdoors
  • Each gun and vest uses 3 AAA batteries, for a total of 12 AAA batteries this set

This will be the perfect addition to extend a set of 4 and increase the fun for everybody in the family. Remember to get rechargeable batteries, since chances are, you won’t stop playing!


Cost: $149.99 (as of 08/07/2020 15:21 EST- Details*)

These professional laser tag guns are for sure the best laser tag sets here and you’ll see why. It has a couple of high-tech functions that make it outstand, for example the set is rechargeable! It comes with a charging station so you can stop buying batteries for good. The greatest thing about being rechargeable? On one full charge, you can play about 8 games of 30 minutes each.

Fill me in Photo by Squad Hero.

The blasters also come with a flashlight so you can see in the dark, plus other features like:

  • Includes: 4 guns, 4 vests, and one charging station
  • 4 team colors: Blue, green, red, yellow
  • The guns and vests are fully rechargeable
  • The charging station charges all the gear at once
  • You can play approximately 8 games per full charge
  • HEROSYNC and LCD HUD technologies
  • Your guns and vests pair together
  • Lives and team data are automatically synced
  • LCDs on the vests and guns allow you to check your status
  • 4 weapon modes: Pistol, Automatic, Laser, and Rocket)
  • Adjustable lives-per-game setting
  • Stealth Mode
  • 150ft (45m) reach
  • Child-safe infrared emission
  • All Squad Hero Laser Tag sets are compatible, so you can add unlimited guns and vests

This set really have some great features that will make you want to roll, hide, run and take aim for hours.


This time the list includes products made to enjoy for the whole family or a big group of friends. There’s no age limit to have a wonderful time and feel like a kid again, so not only this list was created for you to find the best gift for the children in your family, but also for you to remember those great moments of laughter, freedom and fun. We hope that with this list of best laser tag sets online, you can get back in touch with your inner child and play for hours running around the house, garden, or a park.

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Have a lovely voyage!

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