Best Women's Climbing Shoes

Best Women's Climbing Shoes

iVisa | Updated on Nov 09, 2020

Thanks to a recent rise in interest in outdoor activities and getting back to nature, climbing and mountaineering clubs have found their inboxes full of subscriptions from men and women around the world. You might be a beginner who didn’t know that it was possible to buy special climbing shoes or maybe you’re a natural born monkey who scales cliffs for fun and conquers mountains before breakfast.

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Whatever your ability, the joy of the unique activity known as climbing is that it is open to anyone with the urge to lift themselves up and keep going until they reach the top. On that note, we wanted to bring you the best on the market. Climbers rely on their shoes to get them where they need to be as well as protect their feet and provide essential grip on slippery rocks. To be the best you have to use the best protection so check out our winning selection of women’s climbing shoes and see which you’ll be packing on your next treetop adventure.


Cost: $74.98 - $183.00 (as of 09/13/2020 20:51 EST- Details*)

Our top of the range choice is the stunning mint and coral La Sportiva Women's OXYGYM Climbing Shoe. We love how they can be easily washed after a sweaty session in the gym or outdoors.

Fill me in Photo by La Sportiva.

The additional features of the shoes include:

  • 3-Layer WashTex external fabric which keeps the shoe clean and hygienic
  • Internal breathable fabric that allows for moisture wicking
  • Super comfortable for extended use
  • Patented hook and loop closure system allows for a personalized fit

Climbers who are itching to get back into some serious nature reserves should head to Los Tuxtlas for a dramatic view of the chain of volcanic mountains located near the coast in the state of Veracruz. You’ll be breathless at the sight and will be able to come back to earth with a shot of tequila and tacos with the locals in this friendly region.


Cost: $45.00 - $59.95 (as of 09/13/2020 20:51 EST- Details*)

Our top of the range and priciest shoe is this superb offering from Climb X designed for aggressive performance in extreme conditions. We loved having a choice of three colours to choose from and were confident that the sales team could guide us through the purchase of professional climbing shoes by their detailed descriptions of the use including with or without socks.

Fill me in Photo by Climbx.

Features include:

  • Double stitch construction
  • Padded collar and heel
  • Polypropylene midsole and one-piece binding.
  • Size up for a comfort fit and size down for a closer performance fit but keep in mind that climbing shoes are supposed to fit very tight and at a minimum your toes should be touching the end of the shoe.

Combining culture with some of the best climbs in the world, we suggest a trip to Todra Legorg on the eastern side of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco for your next getaway. This rocky canyon has hosted hundreds of hungry hikers who take in the North African sights every year. You can find yourself in beautiful peaceful cities of Tinghir on the road that leads to the gorges which offer such beautiful landscapes or Ighri where you will also glimpse a view of the majestic palm grove.


Cost: $32.00 - 155.81 (as of 09/13/2020 20:51 EST- Details*)

La Sportiva is a popular climbing shoe brand and we know why. The style of the La Sportiva Women's Climbing Shoes is cute but practical and we especially love the hibiscus colour shoe for those stormy days in the great outdoors when a flash of red can guide our feet to the next corner of rock.

Fill me in Photo by La Sportiva.

Feature of these shoes also include:

  • Quick-pull lacing harness allows you to wrap the foot snugly for excellent support, fit, and comfort.
  • Designed to help intermediate climbers smear, hook, and edge like pros with an aggressive rubber heel rand, sticky FriXion RS rubber soles, and low-asymmetry RN45 build to help climbers find purchase on edges with great sensitivity and without pain or cramping
  • Classic unlined leather upper is soft and comfortable
  • Lined tongue controls moisture and enhances breathability
  • Synthetic leather overlay adds just the right level of support
  • This indoor/outdoor climbing shoe is constructed from high quality materials with 1.8mm LaspoFlex at the midsole and 5mm FriXion RS at the sole to make the TarantuLace as stable as it is durable
  • Be sure to reference the La Sportiva size chart in the product images for more accurate sizing as the fit should be tight, but not painful, and without pressure points

Croatia is the perfect place for seasoned climbers to take in the sights at the Paklenica National Park where they will find the canyon, trails, and caves where they can lose themselves for days at a time. If you’re ready to rest your legs after all that hiking you can relax on a Game of Thrones themed bus tour to some of the famous set locations around Dubrovnik.


Cost: $45.00 - $59.95 (as of 09/13/2020 20:51 EST- Details*)

Fill me in Photo by Climbx.

We voted for the Climb X shoes as our best bouldering option as they combine impressive features with useful design features including:

  • Double stitch construction
  • Padded collar and heel
  • Polypropylene midsole and one-piece binding.


Cost: $133.90 - $321.96 (as of 09/13/2020 20:51 EST- Details*)

From the company that brought you Speedster technology which aims to remove the inconvenient edge from shoes, their most up to date men’s shoe is La Sportiva Futura Climbing Shoe.

Fill me in Photo by La Sportiva.

This is truly the future of climbing and with these award-winning features you know why this bestseller made our list of favourites with extras like:

  • Patented technology gives you maximum edging advantage right out of the box
  • P3 technology lets you crank on overhangs
  • Fast lacing system gives you a snug and precise fit
  • Excellent sensitivity for extremely technical projects

A must for all nature lovers and mountain climbers is the En Gedi reserve and oasis. This paradise in the Middle East is home to waterfalls, springs, and dramatic cliffs for you to get your teeth into. There are even the 5000-year-old remains of a temple to discover. Vegan climbers will love to feast on traditional Israeli dishes which are rich in chickpeas and vegetables.


Cost: $34.88 - $102.50 (as of 09/13/2020 20:51 EST- Details*)

The subtle charcoal colour used in the Five Ten Women's Rogue VCS Climbing Shoe is sure to catch your eye as well as the comfortable fit which has certainly attracted many customers.

Fill me in Photo by Rei co-op.

This shoe also features:

  • Rubber sole and Stealth C4 rubber outsole (2mm)
  • Leather upper - Half-size stretch
  • Double-strand Velcro closure system

If you like to enjoy your climbing hobby in moderation, we think the Five Ten Women's Rogue VCS Climbing Shoes are the perfect choice for you. If you’ve ever been to Singapore you’ll know that it’s the ideal destination to provide all kinds of interesting trips for everyone in the family. You can send the extreme sports lovers off on a visit to the Singapore Flyer. They’re sure to be left breathless on the second tallest observation wheel in the world which stands tall at 165 meters high. That puts it at two meters above the stunning Bukit Timah Hill, the summit which you can stretch your legs to visit in the reserve at the geographical centre of Singapore.


Cost: $59.94 - $99.90 (as of 09/13/2020 20:51 EST- Details*)

Climbers with a mountain of practise already under their belts (or harness) may be looking for an upgrade to their climbing shoe collection. If you’re on the lookout for a new addition, we suggest you check out this fantastic offering from Butora. Their women's Endeavor Rock Climbing Shoe combines high quality with advanced technology for improved performance on the wall and in the great outdoors.

Fill me in Photo by Butora.

We loved the craftsmanship of this offering and features like:

  • Quality outsole made of Butora NEO Fuse sticky rubber
  • 100% organic hemp lining to control stretch and odor
  • Split leather footbed for comfort and performance
  • 3D injection molded ABS midsole for precision edging and torsion rigidity
  • Triple fork webbing for a custom fit

For an unforgettable trip to a jaw dropping country, make your next destination the impressive Athirapally waterfall. Located in a region known as the most picturesque in India, this waterfall is a hidden paradise with a small climb to reach its shores. You’ll not find yourself lacking in nature reserves to visit when you choose to visit this vast country of many different views and cultures.


Climbing shoes are an essential piece of kit for every serious climber. The perfect shoe will improve your performance, lift your mood, and your ability and it will also help your foot to breathe. It can be hard to make the right decision but hopefully, our list of the best women’s climbing shoes will make your choice easier to make by helping you to make a valued and informed decision which is the main reason why we sorted through hundreds of climbing shoe offerings to bring you these highlights.

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Bon Voyage on your next trip away!

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