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Kaliningrad e-Visa for Citizens of Greece

iVisa | Updated on Nov 13, 2022

E-visa is a scheme of online applications for your visa. You can apply for a visa from anywhere in the world. The whole process of applying is completely online and easy to understand. You should visit the iVisa.com website if you are thinking about applying for Kaliningrad e-Visa for Citizens of Greece.

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The eVisa allows you to go into the country for business and tourist purposes and you can stay there for a limited period. Once you submit the application for the eVisa and it gets approved you will receive a landing authorization. You are supposed to show this before you can enter the country.

What is the process of application For eVisa?

  • First step is to visit iVisa.com.
  • Find the application form that is available on the site.
  • Fill in your exact information.
  • Fill in the form accurately; make sure there are no errors in the information.
  • Submit the form with the required documents.
  • Your form will then be reviewed.
  • When it gets approved, it will be sent to you via mail.

Why Apply In Advance?

An advance application is advisable because your visa might get rejected due to an error in the application form. It is better to apply in advance so that if it gets rejected you have enough time to apply again and get your Kaliningrad e-Visa for Citizens of Greece on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a specific port of entry?

With your Kaliningrad e-Visa for Citizens of Greece you need to enter through these points only:

  • Kaliningrad Airport (Khrabrovo)
  • Mamonovo Railway Station
  • Sovetsk Railway Station
  • Bagrationovsk Land Route
  • Gusev Land Route
  • Mamonovo Land Route (Gzhekhotki)
  • Mamonovo Land Route (Gronovo)
  • Morskoye Land Route
  • Pogranichniy Land Route
  • Sovetsk Land Route
  • Chernyshevskaya Land Route
  • Kaliningrad Sea Port
  • Kaliningrad Sea Port - Baltiysk
  • Kaliningrad Sea Port - Svetly

Cost of Processing The Application?

  • Standard Processing is the most basic type of processing available for eVisa. It takes 9 days to process and costs 25 USD.
  • Rush Processing will cost you 40 USD and will take 7 days to process the application.
  • Super Rush Processing will cost 50 USD and will take only 5 days.

Documents required for applying?

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • Your latest photograph
  • Your itinerary.
  • Payment option like Paypal or credit or debit card to pay for the processing of application.

Can I use my visa for more than one entry?

Kaliningrad e-Visa for Citizens of Greece, only allows you to enter the country once. If you want to visit again you will have to go through the whole process of applying and obtaining the eVisa again.

For how much time is my eVisa valid?

Your Kaliningrad e-Visa for Citizens of Greece is valid only for 30 days after you arrive in the country. You cannot stay after your eVisa expires. Visit iVisa.com to get more information.

What is the ideal time to apply for my eVisa?

If you want to enter the country you need to fill the application form to obtain your Kaliningrad e-Visa for Citizens of Greece. While it is preferable to apply in advance, the minimum time is at least 5 days before.

Where can I get more information?

If you require any information related to the application you can visit iVisa.com and from there you can contact the customer support service. The service would be able to easily assist you and provide answers related to any questions that you might have.

Why use iVisa.com?

iVisa.com is user-friendly and also safe to use. It can answer all your questions about Kaliningrad e-Visa for Citizens of Greece. When you have satisfied your curiosity; you can fill the application for your eVisa.

iVisa.com Recommends

iVisa.com recommends you to see the unique Altes Haus Museum. It is a very interesting museum that is built inside a 1912 apartment home. This museum has been made to look at how a pre-war apartment would have looked. It was finished and furnished with furniture and designs from that era. A guided tour is organized either in Russian or in English for the visitors. All the visitors are completely free to touch and see the objects as long as they don’t damage anything.

The Prud Verkhiny also commonly known as the Oberteich is a large artificial pond. Nearby this is the Kaliningrad Amber Museum. It was created as a fishing pond. This pond has an area of about 41 hectares and lies 22 meters above the Pregel River. There is a lot of freshwater aquatic life in the pond and the residents often go fishing if the weather allows.

Apply for your Kaliningrad eVisa for Citizens of Greece from iVisa.com and visit to enjoy the beauty of this place.

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