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Russia e-Visa for Citizens of the Congo

iVisa | Updated on Sep 20, 2022

Whether you are going for business, tourism, or to study abroad in Russia, citizens of the Congo will need to acquire what is known as a visa. A visa proves that you are who you say you are as well as gives Russian government officials an idea of where you will be going.

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Additional information is required to get one, and soon, you’ll be able to apply online for a visa for Russia. This is known as an e-Visa, and it will save you time and effort for when you plan your next trip to Russia.

Questions and Solutions | The e-Visa Program for Russia for Citizens of the Congo

Crossing Regional Borders with a Russian Visa

Most regions require their own visa to enter them. For example, you cannot use a Kaliningrad visa to cross to the Far East region of Russia.

Length of Stay Allowed with a Russian e-Visa

8 days is the limit for being in Russia with an e-Visa. Depending on your circumstances and travel restrictions and your visa policy, it could be a little longer or a little shorter.

Expiry Date for Russian e-Visas

Find the “Date of Issuance” on the visa and add thirty days. There is a 30-day window to use your e-Visa for Russia once it is issued.

It is currently required to apply no less than 4 days before you travel to Russia and no more than 20 days before your intended arrival date even though you have a 30-day window.

The Russia e-Visa Application: Documents & Information Required

For the online application for the Russia e-Visa, you will at minimum, need:

  • Passport-Style Photos - Colored photos only, white background, ratio of 3.5 x 4.5
  • Valid Passport - Your passport needs to be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the last day you plan to be in Russia. Have a couple of blank pages for stamping purposes.
  • Health Insurance Policy - For the length of your stay in Russia, you must prove you have adequate health insurance for emergencies.
  • Invitation Letter - It must state your reason for traveling to Russia as well as where you plan to go. Get one from your hotel, tour operator, hostel, or Russian citizen host.

Crimea, Ukraine, and the Russia e-Visa Program

You will most likely need to use the Russian visa programs to get a visa for Crimea. Always talk to your visa provider to get the latest information on which visa you need if you plan to go to Crimea as it is a disputed territory.

You will need to meet the requirements for Ukraine’s distinct visa program if you plan to go there. Use our Visa Checker Tool to see if you must get a visa for Ukraine.

Entry Limits for the Russia e-Visa

You’re allowed one entry in Russia if you are holding a “single entry” visa.

What regions of Russia currently accept e-Visas?

The following regions of Russia currently allow foreign citizens to enter the borders with a valid e-Visa:

  • St. Petersburg
  • Leningrad
  • The Far East
  • Kaliningrad Oblast

You can use our Visa Checker Tool to see if you qualify for any regional e-Visas for Russia.

Russian e-Visa: Valid Travel Reasons

Currently, the Russian e-Visa can be used for various purposes: business travel, tourism, and humanitarian reasons (in sports, culture, science, and technology).

The e-Visa Program of the Russian Federation | Getting Started for the Congo Citizens

We at iVisa, always strive to give Congolese citizens immediate access to new e-Visa programs. Russia is slowly rolling out updates to its e-Visa program, and it will be on our website as soon as possible.

Until then, use the Visa Checker Tool to see what you can get from your smart device for travel documents.

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