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Russia Frequently Asked Questions

Russia Frequently Asked Questions
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

What does a Russia Invitation Letter look like?

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What should my travel itinerary look like for my Russian Visa Application?

See below and attached an example...

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How should I fill in the Visa Questionnaire for the Russian Embassy Application?

Here you can find the data and brief instruction how to fill in Russian Visa Application Form correctly to submit it in Russian Embassy/Consulate

  1. Visa Details:

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  1. Visa Details:

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  1. Itinerary (places of visit):

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Do you plan to stay anywhere (hotel, individual) during your stay in Russia? Tick "Yes" You should add the following hotels in the list: Format: Hotel name and then Address

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Before traveling to Russia

  • This is a tour voucher (Russian Invitation Letter) for a visa, which includes your passport information and dates of your trip

  • With the invitation it is necessary to apply for a visa at a Russian Consulate. Please, CHECK that all YOUR personal DATA in the invitation is correct BEFORE you go to the Russian Consulate. If not, please e-mail iVisa at help@ivisa.com so we may can assist you.

NOTE - Re-Issuing of your invitation letter because of a spelling mistake carries an additional fee - contact iVisa ASAP when you realised there was a mistake.

  • The Russian Consulate will ask you both for an original valid passport and for photocopies of your passport, the invitation (you just got), a completed Consular questionnaire, three passport-size photos and consular fees.

  • Filling Consular questionnaire please write:

    1. the purpose of your trip is tourism
    2. Places to stay from the invitation(s). If you have booked any accommodation, add the address of the hotel.
    3. inviting organisation is OSTWEST.COM LLC

After arrival in Russia

  • Migration card will be provided to you on crossing the Russian border. Please fill-in this card in block letters. In the line "Address (host organisation) in Russia" please write OSTWEST.COM LLC.

  • Registration is still obligatory for foreigners in Russia. It has to be done in EVERY CITY in Russia where you STAY MORE THAN 7 DAYS. The day of arrival counts even if you arrive in the evening.

    • The documents needed for the registration: copy of your passport, visa and MIGRATION CARD.
    • If you stay at a hotel, the hotel will register you. Please check it with the hotel receptionist.
    • Please make a copy of your Russian visa and passport just in case.
  • In case you loose your passport or your documents were stolen you should go to the nearest police station to take the proof (so called "spravka"). Then please apply to your consulate for the new passport. To make a new outgoing visa costs 150-200 USD. The process takes 1-10 working days.

Medical insurance policy for visa to Russia Foreign citizens need to have a Medical insurance for obtaining visa to Russia with the insurance coverage of 30 000 euros. Medical insurance must be valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and cover the entire period of Russian Visa validity.

ATTENTION! You are OBLIGED to leave Russia BEFORE validity of your visa will finish.

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