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It is not possible to get an electronic visa for Russia currently. However, iVisa can assist you with the invitation letter as long as the destination is far-east Russia (the rules apply only to that region). An invitation letter is mandatory for you to get a consular visa, whether it is for tourism or business purposes. With iVisa’s help and by simply following some steps, Saudi Arabians can get that letter as fast as possible.

Here we will show you what are all the requirements and other information you need to apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm from Saudi Arabian, do I need a visa to enter Russia?

Yes, many countries require a visa to enter Russia, and Saudi Arabia is no exception. In iVisa we still can't provide an e-Visa to all Russia, but we can help you with visas to certain regions of this country as well as the invitation letter.

How many types of Russian visas are there?

With iVisa, you can apply for these 4 types of Russian visas:

  • Tourist Invitation Letter (which works to get a consular visa)
  • Kaliningrad e-Visa
  • Far East (Vladivostok) e-Visa
  • Saint Petersburg e-Visa

What is a Russian Invitation Letter?

This is an special requirement made to confirm that you're invited to Russia by a Russian travel company or a hotel accredited by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. This letter is broken into two parts: the first one is a voucher and the second is the confirmation of the Admission of a Foreign Turist. Remember that with this document you can get your Russian Consular visa.

How long is the Russian Invitation letter valid for Saudi Arabian?

If you're from Saudi Arabian, this document is valid only for 30 days after arrival.

What do I have to provide to get the Russian Invitation letter?

iVisa will assist Saudi Arabian to easily posses an invitation letter and get through the whole application process. Just do your part by simply submitting the needed documents. iVisa can begin the process once you have all the needed below:

  • Valid passport – chances are that you already posses one. Just make sure that you take a look at its expiry date. Additionally, the passport needs to be valid for at least another six months from your date of arrival in Russia. If it is is not, your application will be denied.

  • Valid e-mail address – after processing, iVisa will send you the invitation letter via e-mail. It is extremely important to provide a valid e-mail address. Make sure that the spelling is correct. Otherwise, your visa may end up to someone else or nowhere at all.

  • Proof of accommodation – you can produce such evidence by uploading a hotel booking, Airbnb confirmation, or you can upload a letter from a host in Russia.

  • Arrival and departure date.

  • Number of entries you wish to make.

  • Proof of finance – this is not always required, but a bank statement should suffice.

  • Business card – this applies to people who want to travel to Russia on a business visa.

  • Mode of payment – you need to pay the service fee before submitting your application. For convenience, iVisa accepts PayPal in addition to credit/debit cards payment.

How Saudi Arabian can apply for a Russian Invitation Letter?

This application process itself only consists of three steps. After getting all the needed documents, you can start accomplishing the online application form. In the event that you will need assistance, iVisa’s customer service is ready to take your call anytime.

  1. First thing to do for Saudi Arabian needs is to provide some general information. After that, select the type of your invitation letter (single-entry or double-entry tourist, business) and the processing time. Those factors will help determine the cost of your visa so be wise in choosing.

  2. The next step will ask Saudi Arabian to review the information provided and make the payment. Since it is impossible to do corrections after the application is processed, reviewing and revision are really more crucial than people tend to think.

  3. The last step will ask you to upload additional documents. The number and type of the document will be a basis. Hit the submit button once all steps have been completed, then just wait for the invitation letter.

What about the Processing time and fees for the Invitation Letter?

As mentioned previously, the visa cost depends on the type of the letter you want and processing time. Luckily for you, iVisa comes with three processing time:

  • Standard – your application will be processed within 24 hours when you select this option and it will cost you only USD $103.99.

  • Rush – the timeframe is reduced to 6 hours this time, and you will be charged USD $145.99 for your letter.

  • Super Rush – you can select this option for USD $192.99 if you are in urgent situation. Your application is processed within 30 minutes.

The fees mentioned previously is to get a single-entry Invitation Letter. For a double-entry Invitation letter, the processing time remains the same with a price increase of $10 for each processing time. Keep in mind that the processing times also vary according to the type of visa you want, so in that case, you can check more about these prices in this link.

How much time do I need to apply for this Invitation letter?

You only need around 10 minutes to apply online, and the same if you select another type of visa for Russia.

Does the Invitation letter ensure that a Russian Consular Visa will be accepted?

Keep in mind that this is a document that allows you to apply for the actual consular visa to enter Russia. Whether you are approved for the visa will be at the discretion of the Russian government and not iVisa.

Can I enter Russia just with my invitation letter but without a visa?

No, that's not pssible unless your country is in a visa-free regime with Russia. As for the rest, you must get an entry visa if you want to travel to Russia.

How does the Russian Invitation letter look like?

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I'm still having doubts, where can I read more information about the Russian visas?

If you still need to know more information about traveling to Russia, then you can talk to one of our customer service agents, or you can check other interesting FAQs here .

You're able to start your application process now and just worry about the other steps to get your Russian visa.

Don't forget that you stil will need to go to the Russian embassy for an interview once the invitation letter is received. Remember to print the letter you receive from iVisa in color. It’s a case to case basis but some additional documents might be needed so it is best if you try to contact the embassy before the interview to get that information.

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