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Saint Petersburg Visa Cost

iVisa | Updated on Nov 18, 2022

If you are planning a trip to Saint Petersburg, you need to get the proper travel documents. iVisa.com is here to help with that. Apply for the Petersburg e-Visa with iVisa.com and learn more about the Russia Saint Petersburg e-Visa cost.

Because of the pandemic, you may need additional documents such as a negative COVID-19 test result, health declaration, e-Visa and more. Keep on reading this article for more information about the Russia Saint Petersburg e-Visa cost.

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How do I get my e-Visa through iVisa.com?

Just follow these three steps:

  • First: fill out the application form and select the processing speed.
  • Second: check that the information is valid and pay the application fee online.
  • Third: upload the required documents and press the “submit” button. You will get the e-Visa via email.

If you have any questions about Russia Saint Petersburg e-Visa cost, contact customer support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Russia Saint Petersburg e-Visa cost?

An online Saint Petersburg visa, also known as Saint Petersburg e-Visa, permits the holder to travel to the St. Petersburg and Leningrad regions of Russia. To obtain an E-visa for Russia, you must pay 40 USD.

Start your application with iVisa.com to get more details about the Russia Saint Petersburg e-Visa cost.

Do I need a Visa to enter Saint Petersburg?

The answer depends on the purpose of your visit and nationality. An electronic visa is a type of visa used in Russia that lets eligible citizens stay in Russia for a short time. Check your visa eligibility with iVisa.com’s Visa Checker tool and learn more about the Russia Saint Petersburg e-Visa cost.

What are the items needed to complete the application?

You need to get these items before starting the application process.

  • A valid passport
  • Valid email address
  • Payment method

Get started on your application with iVisa.com and get more information about the Russia Saint Petersburg e-Visa cost.

How long does the processing take and how much does it cost?

If you use iVisa.com to process your application, then there is a small fee for its fast and secure service.

  • Standard processing option: the processing speed is low, but the cost is affordable.
  • Rush processing option: this option is faster and more expensive than the previous option.
  • Super Rush processing option: it is the fastest and most expensive option among the three.

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If I have any unresolved issues and need further information, whom should I turn to?

You can reach out to customer support if you have any unresolved issues. Visit iVisa.com for more details about the Russia Saint Petersburg e-Visa cost. You can also reach us via email.

What can iVisa.com do for me?

iVisa.com provides a fast and secure application process. Your information is encrypted using powerful security software. See the customer feedback for more clarity.

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St. Petersburg is known as the coffee capital of Russia. The city is filled with coffee shops, but that's because the people of the city just like to get out. As the city also has over 300 bars and a booming nightlife, and it is one crazy place to go, probably one of the reasons why so many people go out in St. Petersburg is because well the whole city is connected via a subway. The subway system or underground railway first opened in November 1955 and as of today it is the 19th busiest metro system in the entire world, being anywhere between 70 to almost 85 meters deep with 5 lines running. The reason for the depths of this subway system is because of the unique landscape of St. Petersburg whereby 10% of the city is made up of water.

The city is also the beer capital of Russia. The city is known to have a number of breweries and a very large distillery district and because of that the city contributes to over 30% of alcohol production in the country with five large-scale breweries and the biggest one of them being the Baltika brewery, which is the second largest brewery in all of Europe. On top of that, Saint Petersburg is the birthplace of Russia's oldest vodka and that is Libous, which was created in 1897.

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