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How Can the Citizens of Canada Enter Saint Lucia During Coronavirus?

How Can the Citizens of Canada Enter Saint Lucia During Coronavirus?
iVisa | Updated on Sep 05, 2022

White sands, crystal clear waters, and warm weather wait for you in Saint Lucia. But, before planning a trip to this country, you must apply for Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form, which is an electronic document that allows you to enter this nation. This document is mandatory for all foreign citizens, including Canada.

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You don’t have to worry about going to an embassy as you don’t need to do that if you apply with iVisa.com. The application for the Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form is completely online, and if you use iVisa.com’s service, you’ll get your document faster than you think. Aside from a shortlist of documents, you don’t need anything more than an electronic device and an Internet connection.

Learn how the citizens of Canada can enter St. Lucia During Coronavirus by reading the FAQs below. Keep in mind that with this article you can also learn to apply with iVisa.com’s form.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

What is a Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form?

Before traveling to Saint Lucia, you must know what is the Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form. This is an important travel document that allows you to enter this island with legal authorization while the COVID-19 is still a danger. This travel document is obligatory for every foreign traveler, including visa-free nations.

With this documentation, the Immigration officers can track all the citizens entering the country, which is necessary to avoid the risk of contagion in the country.

To apply for this document, you only need an internet connection and an electronic device. This means that you can save the trip to the embassy! The process is entirely online.

Do I need a COVID-19 vaccine to travel to Saint Lucia?

No, you don’t. COVID vaccination certificates are not mandatory for travelers to enter Saint Lucia. Since information may change quickly, we advise you to follow up on the latest Saint Lucia travel updates or contact your local embassy.

Is a COVID-19 test needed for Saint Lucia?

Pre-departure testing is no longer required.

Do I have to quarantine when I get to Saint Lucia?

  • Quarantine requirements: There are no quarantine requirements in Saint Lucia.

I’m from Canada, do I need to apply for this document?

The Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form is necessary to enter this country, so it’s a mandatory document for everyone, including the Bubble countries and visa-free countries like Canada. If you have a Canadian passport, then you must apply for this document before entering Saint Lucia.

You don’t need another paper, but you’ll also need other COVID-19 requirements that you’ll be able to read below. In case you live in Canada but you don’t have a Canadian passport (you’re from another country) then you’ll have to verify if there aren’t other documents required to enter Saint Lucia. To do that, you can simply use our Visa Checker Tool by choosing your nationality in the drop-down menu and choosing ‘Saint Lucia’ as the destination.

After you select your country, you’ll be able to check which documents you could need before entering Saint Lucia. You can also see if you need to apply for a paper visa or not.

What requirements do I need to enter the country?

The Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form is the first document you need to obtain before entering the country, but you also need to get other requirements.

The first documents you have to meet are the following because they’re necessary to apply for the Travel Registration Form:

  • Your valid passport with 6-month validity.
  • A negative pre-departure PCR COVID-19 test result, only if you are fully vaccinated.
  • Valid proof of a COVID-19 certified accommodation.
  • Lastly, you need a valid credit/debit card to pay for the service.

It’s important to mention that visitors from the Bubble countries must get journey confirmation before arriving at Saint Lucia. You should consider this if you’re traveling from a Bubble country like Barbados or Dominica and you’re entering Saint Lucia.

What are the processing times and prices with iVisa.com?

When you use iVisa.com’s application form, you enjoy a fast and reliable process, so as you might guess, it’s not for free. However, the prices you pay include the government’s fee, so you don’t have to worry about other payments related to the travel document.

Another benefit of iVisa.com’s application form is that these prices vary depending on the urgency you have. You can choose one of the following:

  • Standard Processing Option: With a processing time of 24 hours and a total price of USD $19.49.
  • Rush Processing Option: With a processing time of 20 hours and a price of USD $35.99.
  • Super Rush Processing Option: With the fastest processing time available, which is 16 hours, and a total price of USD $59.99.

How can I apply for this document?

Using iVisa.com’s application form is effortless. You don’t need to be skilled with online forms to master this one, especially with the following 3-step method:

  • Firstly, answer the questionnaire with your personal details and choose the best processing time.
  • Second, review your personal information and proceed with the payment part.
  • Third and last, upload the list of documents and click on ‘submit’ to send your form.

You can also click on ‘add applicant’ if you want to add more people to your application, but you’ll have to pay for their documents as well.

Click here if you want to start your application.

How much time do I need to apply?

Since it’s quite easy to use iVisa.com’s application form, you only need 15 minutes of your day to complete it.

You can reach out to iVisa.com’s customer service if you want to receive personal attention.

Is it safe to apply with iVisa.com?

We can guarantee that our service provides a reliable Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form without risking your personal information. Our high-quality system doesn’t put your information in danger at all!

You can check our reviews here if you still feel unsure about it.

Where can I obtain more info about the Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form?

Click here to apply for your Saint Lucia Travel Registration Form whenever you feel ready. If you have doubts, you can contact iVisa.com’s customer service, which is available 24/ via chat online. You can also keep exploring our website to get more details about this and other travel documents.

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