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San Marino, officially called the Republic of San Marino, is the smallest country in Europe. Since it is so small, exploring it for too long is not an option, but you can still see a few exciting things. For one thing, you can see two of the three towers that are on the official flag. The third tower does not even seem to have an entrance. You need to buy a card that gives you access, but it is quite cheap and worth the trouble. All that remains for you to do is to explore the city. You will find some charming narrow streets that are full of surprises. The paths end up down the hill in a pretty fascinating way. It is a call for exploration. Other than that, you can go for some fishing in San Marino Lake in Faetano.

Before you travel to San Marino, you need to see whether or not you need a visa. However, there is a catch. You do not have to obtain a visa for San Marino, but since the only entrance is from Italy, you need a visa to enter Italy, which means that you must obtain a Schengen Visa. That is not the case if you are from a European Union country or an EEA (European Economic Area) state. In that situation, you are entitled to freedom of movement and can travel within the Union and the Schengen Area with no restrictions. The second exception is applicable if you come from one of the countries that are in the visa waiver program according to Schengen’s visa policy. All you need is a valid passport that does not expire for another 6 months from the date of arrival in the Schengen Area. You can stay for up to 90 days.

To see if you need a visa, we recommend that you use iVisa’s Visa Checker. Click on the Visa Checker button located in the top right corner of this page, select your nationality from the menu on the left, and choose Italy in the menu on the right. The result will tell you whether or not you need a Schengen visa, and if you do, you will be given a list of the nearest embassies where you can apply.

Schengen visas are not available online, so we cannot help you with the visa application process. Nevertheless, we would still like to be of some assistance, which is why our support service is available to you 24/7. There is no charge.

As for the embassy you need to visit to apply for your Schengen Visa, there are a few rules that you should know. They are as follows. If you wish to visit San Marino/Italy alone, there is no dilemma: you must visit the Italian embassy. However, if you plan to visit multiple Schengen countries on one trip, you need to go to the embassy of the country that represents your primary destination. In case you do not have one and it cannot be established, you must go to the diplomatic mission of the country you visit first. Do not forget to give the embassy a call to inquire about the visa requirements.

As you can see, going to San Marino may entail getting a Schengen Visa for Italy. We regret that we cannot help you with the application process/ We hope that the information above is useful.

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